The Benefits and Value of Home Staging

5 Simple Things Sellers Should Know About the Value of Home Staging


1: The cost of staging is always less than your first price reduction!

It is a known fact that two things are key in selling real estate….price and location.

So why stage? Many reasons! STANDING OUT from the competition is one, especially in today’s down market where buyers see home after home, without being able to make up their minds.  Very often even the same floor plan comes up repeatedly. Staging makes a home stand out from the rest in a great way! Staging is the surest way to “help” the buyer envision living in the space.


2: Staging does not need to always be a full-blown/fully furnished affair!

‘Staging’ for the purpose of selling means to assess each property, and stage/address issues on a case-by-case basis. Some property conditions may not lend themselves to staging, and that’s fine. Staging is about having the presence of mind to address distractions as needed, (if/when allowed) or financially reasonable.


3: Staging is done with ONE goal - Guiding a buyer’s eye toward functionality!

Too often distractions distract buyers from seeing the true positives in a home. Staging is about removing those distractions, whether it’s a harsh paint color, minor repairs, or just trash and grime. Too many broken “small” details left undone WILL lead buyers to think there are other hidden problems.   


4: Staging is about removing doubt that a property it’s not worth its asking price!

 In today’s market buyers have choices, and they’re able to compare what’s on the market. Two exact floor plans will be set apart by their condition. In today’s market of HUGE homes makes it a daunting task for a buyer to just imagine having to paint an entire house with soaring walls, when there is another exact home down the street for the same price! If there is ANYTHING broken or dirty, it MUST be addressed - otherwise a buyer will feel overwhelmed and move on to the next house. Staging does NOT always mean adding “furnishings” anymore. I can mean addressing the smallest of details and distractions, as supposed to just sticking a For Sale sign in the yard and adding “sold AS-IS” on the MLS! 


5: Home Staging is about helping buyers visualize their dreams coming true!

 When we Stage a home we’re helping buyers gap their lifestyle dream, from what “is”, to what “will be”.   Helping a buyer envision themselves living (hassle-free) in the property, is what Staging is about. When a buyer can see themselves living in the home, wallets open.   


Why should sellers list with REALTORS® WHO STAGE?

Because Staging Realtors consistently do more, and innately go beyond what’s expected to market HOMES (not just houses).  Staging Realtors try to envision and connect the dots with what buyers look for in a HOME. Studies show buyers pay top dollar when they fall in love with THE perfect HOME! 

Here’s an EXAMPLE of how Non-Staging gent and a Staging-Realtor market the SAME space!  

This concept also include Realtors who even though they don't do Staging themselves, they use the services of a Home Staging Professional.

This home was on the market for 63 days with a NON-Staging agent, but on the market for only 7 days after being Staged, by yours truly, before receiving the accepted offer, and consequently TWO backup offers.

By the way, this was an REO listing.








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