THC and No, Not The Green Leaf

I came up with this phrase explaining SEO to real estate clients that are unfamiliar with this subject. 

Title. Headings. Content. Plus a link to a credible site. 

To rank high in search results, Google must view your site as credible. There are myriad ways to establish credibility with Google, going beyond the scope of this post. For now, I'll focus on on-page optimization where you can create a page or post that is optimized for keywords. 

This is very unscientific and a comical example for illustration purposes. Let's say you are a REALTOR in Rancho Cucamonga and trying to rank for "Rancho Cucamonga homes for sale". Using THC - Title, Heading, Content, a blog post might look like this. Far from scientific and comical, but you get the gist. 

Find Rancho Cucamonga Homes For Sale

Are you looking for Rancho Cucamonga Homes For Sale? As a Rancho Cucamonga Realtor, I have a mastery of the Rancho Cucamonga real estate market and help buyers and sellers find their way in Inland Empire Real Estate. Let me relate a story. 

I met a women at and met her at the Rancho Cucamonga diner. She was a teacher and told me great information about Rancho Cucamonga schools and also shared with me that she was renting and seeking Rancho Cucamonga Single Family homes and possibly, Rancho cucamonga Condomenums for sale. She was especially intrigued by Upland real estate. 

At any rate, she needed the expert guidance of a Rancho Cucamonga real estate expert, and she found the right person in her Rancho Cucamonga Home Search. She stared in my eyes and told me that how impressed she was with my knowledge of Rancho Cucamonga real estate trends. 

"Yes. I can find Rancho Cucamonga Homes for Sale", I said. And our love was sealed forever. 

For good measure, I gave her Rancho Cucamonga real estate reports, including a list of nearby Rancho Cucamonga attractions. We were married, and got our own home, finding a house for sale in Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91701. 

With a growing family, we are now looking to find bigger Rancho Cucamonga properties. I am so grateful that I am the best Rancho Cucamonga real estate agent!!!!! 

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