Stewart Valuation Services, LLC.

I've been completing BPO's and teaching a class on how to complete BPO's and CMA's for more years than I care to reveal and have never had a late assignment for any vendor. I received an invitation to join, Stewart Valuation Services, LLC. Then, I was asked to complete a lengthy application and provide copies of my RE license, E&O Insurance W9, etcetera, I complied. Then I was asked to complete a background check. They would not accept previously completed background checks. I complied and paid $44.00 for another background check. Then, I was asked to provide (3) BPO company references along with their phone number and contact information. They actually contacted each of my references.  Now they want three copies of BPO's completed in the past 3-6 months. This is where the shit hit the fan. I responded with:  I complete BPO's for numerous clients; this information is private and should not be disclosed to the Subject and/or any third party. You should know this; yet you're asking me to violate my fiduciary responsibility to my clients, by providing you a copy of their completed reports. Please read your own confidentiality statement regarding BPO's.  If you are so skeptical about the quality of my work; give me a BPO to complete? This would answer all your questions regarding my experience. How about looking me up on the National Association of BPO Professionals (NABPOP); I've been certified on their list for years. Is anyone familiar with Stewart Valuation Services, LLC; I'm familiar with Stewart Title, but, never heard of Stewart Valuation Services? Has anyone ever completed BPO's for them? Do they pay? and How much do they pay?  I can't seem to get any information form them until after their screening process. I've literally told them to take a hike. Please comment? Does anyone have a relationship with this company? 
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  • I got the same invitation, after jumping through all the hoops never got an order. I even called to see if there was a problem, they said they just didn't have any work in my area. But, they contacted me!

  • I got a request from them also,  I declined,  First of all  you can not share a completed BPO's with them - that is private information

  • Michael the rep told me it was $45 for exterior and $75 for interiors and you get paid every two weeks.  Michael sounded like a really upfront good person.  Give them a chance."Pay like clockwork" is really good!  Just negotiate with them if the fee is too low.

  • Well, I just wasted 30 minutes filling out the application.  I received a recruitment email from  Stewart today and thought, what the hey, I will see what happens.  But after reading this, no way.  I do not accept anything under 50.00 and that is only for Clear Cap, only because of volume. .  Everyone else pays over 75.00 and upwards of 125.00 so I will pass on them. And that whole thing with supplying previous completed BPO's is ludicrous. 

  • $17 BPOS and you do them good god they must be worthless

  • I agree, where did these $17.00, $30.00 BPO's come from. I'm also from the old school when BPO companies and Lenders paid a minimum of $100.00 to complete a exterior  BPO and more for interior. It was also common to get $125.00+ for a rush or out of the way assignment. The sad thing is, Real Estate agents, will  complete BPO's for $17.00 and $30.00. I've been told many times by vendors that agents will complete an assignment for $17 and $30. Why should I pay more? I will not accept a BPO for $17.00 or $30.00. But, it's sad, that, agents will complete them for this fee. It's an insult. I never knew how much Stewart, pays to complete BPO's. I will not accept an assignment for these low fees. But, companies know, there are agents that will gladly accept them. This lessens the value of all of us in the industry; you only get what you pay for and it's clear these companies don't really care, they want the assignment completed. Quality is not an issue with many of these companies; they earn huge profits from our efforts while many agents work for peanuts. Now that McDonald's pays $10.00 an hour. Do you realize you can earn more working in fast foods than completing BPO's for $17.00 and or $30.00.     

  • They are OK and they do pay. I've done BPO's for them off and on for maybe five years?  I have to negotiate almost every fee with them so they tend to only be a "filler" for me. They are no my least favorite client by far.

  • I had to go through the same process you described as well. I ended up going to a few of my clients and asked them for approval to release the BPO's to Stewart to complete the registration process.  It took a long time, but finally two of my clients ended up giving me approval to release the valuations under the condition that I redact their information as well as a few other fields. Stewart accepted the redacted reports as fulfilling their request. One of the reps I spoke with from Stewart said that many agents have the same issue since many times we have a confidentiality clause that prevents us from sending out the information they request. She did mention that others were able to get approvals from their clients to release as long as they redacted specific fields as well.

  • Herman

    I've completed a few BPO's for them, but i had to turn down a few also. They were offering $17.00 for an exterior. I had to decline that one. I cant do $17 BPO's. I dont know if I've been paid yet for any of them, but is all recent so they are not behind.


  • Great company to work with... I have completed hundreds of PMR's and some BPO's for them... 

    easy format, pay like clock work...

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