Staying on track with an Accountability Partner

Are you writing down your weekly, monthly and yearly goals?  Have you reached those goals?  If not, you can benefit from having an Accountability Partner.  What is an Accountability Partner?  Somebody you team up with and make a commitment to. Let's take can team up with another agent across the country or someone a state away. As an example, if your goal is to make 20 new bank or AM contacts per day or week, put it into writing or maybe one of your goals is to visit 4 local banks in person per day, or whatever you do as a dollar productive activity, put it into writing and email them to your accountability partner.  Pick an accountability partner that is successful and committed to their business, someone that is in the same business as yourself, so that they know what it's all about, someone that is nice, but also tough.  Someone that will push you and encourage you.  You can check in with this person at the end of every day by phone or email or set a time with communicating 2 or 3 times a week, whichever works for you both.  Also, set up a reward at the end of every month or two if you meet your goals, did you make those personal contacts and cold calls each day.  Rewards could be a weekend getaway in the mountains or a 3 night cruise, something you can look forward to for all your hard work.  Now on the other hand, if you didn't reach your goals, maybe you need to give $500. or more to a cause or person that you don't particularly like or something equally as painful.  Your accountability partner could mail the check for you to keep you on the straight and narrow.  You make up the rules to begin with and then stick to them. Every 3 to 6 months, re-evaluate your goals and make necessary adjustments or changes.  You can do the same for your partner.  Remember, it's easier to keep on track if you have someone that you are accountable to.

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