Yesterday I got a call from a client I will never forget. She said "I was able to modify my loan, I can keep my Blossom Valley house, and you were the only one who believed I could do this, so thank you." This made me so incredibly happy.

So what happened was this client and her then husband were pregnant with their first child and ready to buy a home together. They found their dream home in Blossom Valley with my help, purchased it in 2006 with 10% down. In 2007 they had enough appreciation to take out a 2nd loan which they did. In 2010 they had just had their second baby, the home was $250,000 under water, and they split up.

My client did not want to leave the house and try to find a home for herself, the two young children, and her 2 large dogs. She was determined to stay put, get her husband off title, and not disrupt her children any more than necessary. Her lawyer said short sell, her ex stopped helping to pay the mortgage, and her efforts to refinance went no where.

I encouraged her to keep trying and not move her children or her border collies from their dream home and lot.

After 2 years she got her principal reduced by 100K (thanks to First Horizon selling the loan to Nation Star who then was very co-operative in modifying her loan.) her ex signed a quick claim deed (don't know why, but he did), and she was able to pay off the second with savings, stock money, and cutting expenses.

So now she has her home, her kids are not disrupted, and with home prices appreciating she probably even has a good investment.

While I always like to help out on Blossom Valley short sales, in this case I am much happier that I did not have to.


If you have any questions about short sales in San Mateo or Santa Clara County please feel free to contact me.

Marcy Moyer

Keller Williams Realty


D.R.E.  01191194

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