Yes, after one agent tries, unsuccessfully, to sell this home 97 days, posting ONE front photo, a 2nd agent tried for another 137 days until finally they sold it for $66,000 LESS than asking price. After I Staged it and relisted for more than $55,000 of what was paid for, we have 4 offers in ONE day, all over asking price!

Here are a few more photos

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This is JUST ONE example of why sellers should HIRE a STAGER and/or a STAGING REALTOR when selling!





The story of this listing goes something like this...

Previous seller & agent, who should remain unnamed to protect their "innocence", try to sell this home for 137 days without any success! And prior to that, another seller/agent tried selling for another 97 days! But that agent could only muster taking ONE photo of the front. Not unusual to see that, right?  I mean, after all it is so difficult to take digital photos because than you have to download, upload…exhausting! Boggles the mind! Anyway, the home looked pretty much the same except it was missing a chandelier and the hood over the stove.

It appears that no one had any ideas as to how to make it look better in order to find a buyer, NOR (may I add) any buyer had the VISION to picture it a little dressed up! Why not?? So, this seller finally sells for over $66,000 LESS.  New, SMART owner enters, hires me (BECAUSE I am a Staging Realtor….see, I told you he was smart!) to relist, at over $55,000 of what he paid for it, and gets even more in ONE day!


This post doesn’t only show (known fact) sellers that the smallest effort in “Staging” their product can make and pay big, BUT also that buyers need to be able to spot potential BEFORE someone comes in and stages it, THEN they’re willing to pay much more, for something that’s not even staying with the property!! Buyer need to keep an open mind when it comes to seeing the potential in homes they’re buying. This staging did not include any heavy furniture or anything. The heaviest thing is the folding patio set!!

The interesting thing is that many agents, like myself, offer our Staging services FREE of charge as part of our service, but in spite of the clear benefit many sellers, especially REO owners, are either not grasping the concept, or their reps simply don’t care. Not sure which is it - maybe someone can comment/clarify. If you, as a seller/AM, are giving 100s of listings to one agent, you clearly aren't interested or focused on maximizing returns for yourself or your clients. This may not be your fault, I know that so don’t get mad!  Maybe your hands are “tied” as to what you can do or who you hire to list your assets, but the fact remains the same - maximizing returns through QUALITY marketing is not at the forefront of how you/your employer does business. Can you change that?  If so, you should at least try! The difference in the quality of service you receive will astound you.

The consequence of doing business based on quantity (as if it needs reinterating), devalues all our homes and hurts communities all across our country, where values are already affecting many people’s lives!

To summarize just this example: No staging =no offers! Staging =4 offers the first day, including cash offers for NO LESS than asking, and others for much more over asking!

Where ever you are, whatever your local market, seek the services of listing agents who offer Staging as part of their service, when possible. If you have a boss, you WILL impress them!!

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  • Thank you for the positive comment, Cindy! It never seizes to amaze me what adding some fresh towels and artificial flowers can do for a bathroom that otheriwise looks like ten others! The place settings are from the $1 store, if you can believe that! My 8yr old nephew, Aiden, ( I get to babysit now and then) came with on an inspection and said "this house it's like much is it?" From the offers we got, it appears he wasn't the only one who thought so. Home is now pending on a cash offer, with 5 backups, all within 3 days...and we're closing in 7 days! I only wish more lenders and asset managers would take avantage of the huge value and get a hold of me! Tell me, do you stage?
  • I agree! Staging is very important, especially in a vacant house.
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