SAM-Specialised Asset Management

You know, I gotta' admit, I'm pretty tired of the run-around.

SAM is a perfect example.

I've been in their system now for years. But, I get BPO orders and ALL of their listings go to another agent in town.

I asked them several times if they could share the wealth. I mean, it kinda' sucks that I only get $45 BPO's and this other guy's making thousand$.

I asked several times, pointing out that on several occasions my expertise was solicited to support this other Realtor's pricing. And, I have more years in the business. AND, I think I was in their system before him.

But, will they throw me a bone? Will they give me even ONE listing?

Nope. They say they're all set, nothing I can do, except maybe wait 'til other agent "goes away".

And, I see same thing happening elsewhere.

Recently had a run-in with a company who services HUD. The agent in our office that they were working with was let go (from our office)--and you'd THINK that might give HUD Rep pause to reconsider and perhaps go with me, the agent who originally signed our office up with them (HUD).

But when I called AM, he got real nasty and said he was going to stick with that agent no matter their ethics, history, etc.

And then there's the bureaucracy that is Fannie.

Why they stay with the current agent they have servicing 90% of their listings in this area, is beyond me. This agent has a terrible reputation, sometimes only puts 1 photo on line, and generally thinks their s__t don't stink.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. You're thinking I sound like a bitter, twisted semi-professional windbag.

But you and I both know, the system is terribly flawed!

What I wouldn't give to work as a liaison between the Realtor community and these banks. They just DO NOT know what they're doing. Wonder no more why we're in the financial straits we're in. It's because of these banks and companies, unable to properly and efficiently process  the REO inventory.

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  • You are exactly right. I have seen agent with a year in the business with 80 or more listings from Fannie Mae. This is ridiculous , these young, no experience, nasty attitude, none responsive, double dipping agents. What a mess!...
  • I share your frustration with SAMREO. I've received 1 BPO and no assignments from them and now am receiving a message about needing to spend $75 for fee to offset their "cost of developing and administering the approved broker network". Just sad and pathetic that at a time when most REO agents are barely getting by, these asset management companies exploit the hope of receiving business (which they have almost none to give) as a means to generate income.

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