I accepted an order 4 days ago from RESNET-

of course they tell you to do it for free in hopes of getting a listing in the future-

I assume the only reason they are getting away with it is that other brokers are doing free BPO's-

guys-have a little more self respect-

I suggest you accept them and do not do them-

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  • USRES sends though out through ResNet. ( which they are affiliated with). USRES is a HUGE scam. Years ago they were okay to work with. NOT ANYMORE. I refuse all listings that come via USRES. You will complete all the free work and then reassign the listing. Sometimes even BEFORE they give a list price. 

  • I have done a dozen plus bpos for RES.NET and have not got one REO. I STOPPED!!!

  • I am a Pro Plus RES NET AGENT, I also work with RE/MAX TEHACHAPI, INC. in the city of TEHACHAPI,Ca.


  • All I am reading is negative comments, so I am gonna put an up spin on these. I have been with RES.NET and USRES for years, they have been very good to me. If I depended on just the REO business, I would be out of work and holding a sign on the corner saying "burned out Realtor, please help, God Bless". But I have not and did not! The assignments that I did receive, I followed the buyer and after a few years send them a note asking how they like their home and would they be interested in selling it or buying another investment property. By golly!!! It worked, over and over and over again!!!

    Again, RES.NET and USRES have been very good to me, they have allowed me to make some good money...... so, sure. I will do "free" BPO's for them. By the way, I just received 3 assignments which pays for all the free BPO's that I have done 10 fold. 

  • Well I was skeptical about but I was offered a decent REO by one of my vendors who insisted I become a " pro member" what a waste of money after that I een paid for a " banner ad" they said o you will get lots "sic" of listings .. what a joke as for their free bpos .. hell no

  • The free ones are generally for USRES.  Do a dozen and you might see one REO listing for USRES.  I basically stopped doing the free ones since it looked like USRES had expanded their realtor base to the point where one or two listings a year was all I got.  And, in my market we generally aren't talking high end listings.

  • Neal - I believe that the BPOs you are refering come from USRES which is owned by RESNET which is a platform. Christine, Ive had the same response about getting more assignments per free BPO than the normal ratio. They count the assignments that get pulled right away or never listed at all and were generally demolition quality on lots that were too small to rebuild on. And I think they are counting back to 2007 as well. The free BPOs all now seem to be for Fifth Third Bank who also gets paid BPOs elsewhere - I dont remember where, but I have had them.
  • We stopped doing free BPO's except for our clients about two years ago.

  • Neal, in a galaxy long, long ago....Whoops - wrong opening! Anyway, back in 2007 when I began with they established the BPO-for-Free system. At that time you could actually get a decent amount of REOs by doing these. As the years went by and the BPO system became qualified: you had to do x number of BPOs to earn an REO shot.  Now remember, is a portal and insists they have nothing to do with assignment, that the AMs choose the agent. However, that entire argument is voided by their own actions: every time I contact them to complain about lack of listings they look at my record SINCE 2007 and tell me that I have received many more listings that the 12-to-1 bpo policy!  Hmmph.  Anyway, I spent a fortune again this year to be one of their AMP pros because one of my clients decided to use the portal (sort of) and in order for me to get their listings I have to be with RES.  Oh, BTW, they used to have B of A and PMH (now Stewart) as major more.

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