REOPro’s First Year.

As of Saturday May 23, 2009 it will have been one year since I sat down at my laptop and decided to start REOPro. Looking back and reflecting on what has happened I am proud to see how we have grown. REOPro was started because I found it incredibly difficult to find reliable information about the Default Real Estate Industry and, it seemed no one wanted to help. Granted, I found all kinds of sites that made wild promises that for only $99.99 a zip code I could get hundreds of listings or for a monthly subscription fee of $299.99 I could purchase ad space with my picture on all the listings in my area. Needless to say, I lost a lot of money with absolutely no return. I was frustrated and discouraged by what seemed to be a consorted effort to take my money and, keep me out of the real business of REO. After making several Better Business Bureau complaints against a number of companies and reading complaints on other real estate open networking sites, I realized I wasn’t alone. Instead of feeling used, abused and thrown to the curb, this insight just made me angry and more determined to blow the doors off this industry and expose the frauds from the legitimate business. For those of you, who don’t know me personally, let me jump of topic a bit and share a personal story with you so you have a better understanding of how REOPro came into existence. I am a gamer or in other words, I love to play internet games like World of Warcraft, GuildWars or EveOnline. Most of these Massive Multiplay Online Games have huge networking clubs you can join to learn more about the game as well as get organized to actually impact your personal game play. I had personally organized several of these gamer clubs and had seen what kind of power these social networks had on the evolution of these games and the success they could propel players to within the gaming world. I am not exactly sure how I made the connection between taking the networking side of these games and applying that knowledge and experience to the REO Default Industry but, it happened. I guess you can call it a stroke of genius or madness…depending on your point of view. I simply asked myself, what would happen if I could organize REO Default Industry Professionals like I was able to organize several of my gaming clubs? I had several successful gaming clubs growing so why wouldn’t I be able to use the same set of skills and apply them to a professional environment? Well, I definitely didn’t see why I couldn’t, I only saw that I could….so, I did. First, I Googled “Professional Networking Platform” and several came up, NING among them. I then asked around and quickly found that NING was going to satisfy my needs. The next step was a catchy name. Well, I had seen several people calling themselves REO Professionals but, I wasn’t sure if that would work so, I made a beta site on a FreeWebs account, called it REO Professional Agents, slapped a Google tracking code on it and boom, it was getting hits within the hour. I had learned from gaming, that people like short, catchy, easy to remember names so, REO Professional Agent was fine but, I needed something a bit more catchy so, after about 2 days worth of thinking aloud and my partner’s invaluable insight, REOPro was born. REOPro is and will always remain a free professional / social networking site dedicated to the people who work in the Real Estate Default Industry. Currently we have over 1850 members who take advantage of their own REOPro page, comment walls, blogs, forums, picture sharing, video sharing, online chat and most recently Ask the Asset Manager. As far as I know, we are America’s largest free networking site dedicated to REO. I hope REOPro has been as much an asset to you as it has been to me. Thank you to each of you for your contributions and commitment to our success. I also want to offer a special thank you to Adam Cothron, the designer who came up with our logo. Adam is a integral part of our success and I look forward to working with him in making this site better. Good luck to each of you and thank you, once again.
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  • Jesse you have done a great job and service. I love going to this site and reading the many blogs. There is great feedback. I always seem to be able to pick up valueable information. I am so happy I joined.
  • Hi Hydelita:

    thanks for the appreciation and vote of confidence...I hope this site does help out.
  • Hi Robin:

    Tweet, i don't konw much about twitter but, i can look into it. I thought twitter was just a instant messaging it more than that?
  • Hello to everyone especially to the founder, Jessie.

    I decide to join REOPRO because whenever I google an REO related question, it always takes me to this website and I tend to stay for hours reading everybody's opinion. This is one of the best websites I have the privilege of joining.
  • This is a great website. I'm not surprised to see some of the people I respect the most in this industry on the site. Do you have any plans to join Twitter?
  • Thanks for the wonderful site where people can exchange their ideas and help eachother.
  • Thankis for doing this Jesus. It's nice to exhange ideas and thoughts. ... So you are a game person. I tried it a few years ago. It took over my life when I first tried it.
  • Congratulations on doing a great job and creating this platform that has helped hundreds of professionals better understand the REO market. Look forward to many more years and much more information to be gleaned through this wonderful site. Take care and God bless!

  • Jesse,
    I have found many great information through out the reopro. Great jobs...
    Thank again for creating this group.
  • Why am I always the first to jump in lately? But I want to throw my 2 cents in!

    Jesse, I would like to say Thank You! I have learned more in the short time I have been a member of this site then any or all of the others combined! Good, honest feedback from people who have been there before! May this site continue to grow and share!!!!

    And as a long time gamer myself (list too long for this board and a N.D.A. from the US Department of Defense that says I cain't talk about that one), I too have been a part of and managed several groups of like minded adults from all over the world. And yes, current EVE player too! ;-)
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