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  • I did not re-sign this year. I had been registered in the past ( $1300 ). They dropped the price this year to $1000
    I did get an REO directly from the book.
  • I Agree with Jesse, I been on the REO RED BOOk for one year, not even a single lead from it. I got all major certification but as Jesse said, it is all contact based business.
  • I have done the REO RED book, but I think your dollars are better invested in REOTrans and ResNet. I have received listings from both.
  • Pass. Waste of $
  • I spent the money a couple of years and did it. But I Can't say that I received any calls from it.
  • Hi Bill:

    I would also get involved in the community. Blog, respond to blogs, create forum threads, ask the members about specific organizations you are thinking of joining and so on. In fact, we have well over 300 blogs nows in our archive and they cover a lot of your questions, read through them.

    i agree with Debbie about and that is because many companies use as thier Operating System however, just being a member isn't going to get you listings. Most clients have other stipulations like, training, experience, and require an invite before you will ever even be considered. Same goes for REOTrans.

    So, I am sure your next question is, "How do I get the invite"...well, you got to get active, you got to get in the know and, you got to get these AM to know who you are so.......Traditional Marketing, Social Marketing, Referrals, Personal Website and the such. Then sign up with every company you can and cross those fingers.
  • I would go with REOTrans (cost per zip codes) and ($250 per year) they are the major ones used by the AM's.
  • What are the sites that are worth the money ? . it seems there is a lot of money to be made from Realtors wanting to be REO agents......... some sites may work........ others sites you just gave away money for nothing ?
  • Not in my opinion. All REO Redbook is a online / print directory that is mailed out to AM's and that is it. If you are going to spend that kind of money for a REO Marketing program, I have to suggest REOMasters. At least with them you are getting coaching and, an innovative marketing program that puts you in direct contact with AM's versus just mailing you out in a book with a crap load of others. Follow this link for more details.
  • No, I don't think the AM's have time to look thru any books!
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