I know it might have been posted before this blog, so Jesse if so i couldnt find, I see that some or lot of us have paid for those sites that end up taking our money.Could you please share with the network, the good and bad PAID SITES, AND RESULTS? , so we can stay away from the bad ones.Thank you.Cesar K.
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  • Thank you Mariana and Frank,
    Marianna , all those -$399,$-250 etc, I assume BAD?....

    FRANK , please share the list if you would or post here.
  • Financial Asset Services ( -$250.00)
  • Alpha Agent Network (-$399.00)
  • REOFOX(-$200)
  • LAMCO NET WORK (-$200)
  • Cesar,
    You need not fear but investigate instead. There are differences in companies BEWARE.
    I don't have a list but here is what I know... Management Co. Estate Agent = GOOD

    Major Management Co. ... to...Real Estate Agent = GOOD

    Investors and Major Management Sites(Claiming to be Asset Mgt Co) agents = BAD
  • Dorit,
    you will have to read on all the pages in google, depending your search engine. And as Jesse said, I agree with him. if a company has to charge more than $100+ and is sure on their business , why would they need our money.
    This companies, get feed by people like us, looking to increase and they end up taking advantage of the situation.
    I know there must be some good companies around, so far in we just have had bad ones in this blog.
  • I'm just wondering where anyone pulled up negative info on Absolute Solutions? I'd love to read it. I always try to google these companies. They actually found me on this sight, but I wasn't able to pull up anything good or bad on them. Mostly generic company information. The only thing I found was the BBB.
  • Thanks Claudia, Cesar and Jessie; good info although my gut instinct was going there (as I hesitated) it is nice to know what others think.
  • Thank you Claudia,
    I got a call from them as well and like you I google them and they are bad news. Any good ones?
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