REO isn't Over and I have the Proof.

I have written articles on the drought of REOs and many of you are experiencing the drought personally and have shifted your business but, make no mistake, it isn't because foreclosures have slowed, stopped or the economy is getting better. In fact, most of these banks are moving their REO inventories off their books to hedge funds, bulk portfolio buyers or even worse, shell companies like (fill in the blank) which then dispose of the property directly. Don't believe me? Well, here ya go, read this!


Now, after reading that news article, tell me how great this economy is.

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esse was originally licensed in September 2005. He started his career right as the real estate industry saw it’s worse collapse since the Great Depression. As a result, Jesse sought out opportunities to work directly with banks, focusing his career liquidating foreclosed homes. He worked with some of the country’s largest lenders, asset management companies and quasi government supported entities. This highly competitive field introduced Jesse to an intense time of development where he received top notch education direct from national policy makers, government entities, multi million dollar portfolio managers and many others. Jesse became very successful working with banks however, something seemed to be missing.

As a direct result of listing and selling foreclosed homes, Jesse found that his career could also turn into a passion. He believed he could naturally transition his business from selling foreclosed homes to helping homeowners avoid foreclosure all together. His experience and knowledge working with banks gave him invaluable insight on what homeowners could do to avoid foreclosure. More importantly his experience would give his clients an edge when working with their banks to prevent foreclosure, keep their home, or if necessary sale their home.

Jesse has built a career working with some of the hardest real estate transactions known. He has worked with homeowners who are facing seemingly insurmountable odds, negotiating with lenders who don’t see homeowners as nothing more than just a number. Where others would have thrown in the towel and given up, Jesse has persevered and proven to his clients he cares. He has managed millions of dollars in real estate at any one time and worked with over 30 different lenders and banks both directly and indirectly.

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  • Yes im seeing the hedge funds are buying REO ....Which that leads me to search for hedge for REO...Any one know how to search for the Hedge funds that are buying REO?




    This very true.  I see this all the time in and around North Carolina.

    Several Investors and myself have attempted to buy many of these defaulted and vacant homes for CASH, but no luck.

    All we seem to get is the so called "facilitator" who want a signed ND agreement and Proof of funds before they send us properties to look at. 

    Not a chance. 


    Still looking to buy properties in bulk,  We have the CASH, but the properties must have a clear title ( Special Warranty Deed) and vacant. Otherwise, we might go as High as 30 cents on the dollar.


    Show us the properties and we will show you the cash.








  • Seeing a lot of this.  There are a couple of Hedge funds buying at the courthouse steps here.  They renovate and rent.

  • Yeah, several large hedge funds are buying up the homes in bulk, rehabbing and renting them.

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