Recently I started exploring all the features on my 9700 Blackberry Bold...and found the video feature. Practice made perfect with a willing "Test Asset Manager" to send my weekly occupancy check as a video with audio. It works great!

Today I am going live and will be testing the water with a REO property coming into inventory with a weekly occupancy check and a Asset Manager that enjoys assisting me in progress. I will be running two systems at once...the old one and my new one. On the otherside of the coin...I am wondering what the "REO Bank" will need to document their files and a video may not fit the mold? If nothing else it is just really interesting to explore and try something new to improve REO Agent methods...looking forward to my Asset Manager's reaction.

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  • Just Finished the 4 day 5 star Short Sale Summit and a couple of AM Speakers for the event said that Asset Management Companies, are strongly considering adding a link for Videos (flip) , to be summitted just like pictures, and it is True that Video gives a more accurate condition of the property. Even if you add this to your BPO , property report ETC,Now. the AM will appriciate the extra effort, it makes you different from the pack. Good Luck
  • I have been using my FlipVideo and emailing to bank. Sometimes the home looks better in the pictures and when you send a video, it gives the bank a beter view of the condition.
  • Mark,

    My Blackberry has full web access and I have multiple email accounts and message center set up .... it is very easy. Just open up the Media Application - all functions and use the Video Camera option which opens up your "click and shoot" and then after your video is complete it has a Email option right from the Video Camera...and then I use my REO email and send it using my contacts to my Asset Manager.

    The tricky part was the length of the video...the longer the video the larger the file you are emailing...I had to practice a bit. And I am still a rookie.

    Blackberry is powerful. Denise
  • Denise,
    That's awsome. I had the same idea with my blackberry tour but had a heck of a time because i had no email option other than ubertwitter...not a big fan. The blackberry forums were not really helpful. They had me doing completed rests and blah blah blah.
    But yesterday my wife showed me a quick easy way to send a vid using MMS. If anyone had a way of having an email option on a BB TOUR....i would appreciate it.

    Mark Anthony Ruiz

    Kudos Denise.
  • Interesting this situation the property was occupied by dogs!!! Very good perspective and received well.

    No youtube just a quick video emailed on the spot to my AM.

    Thank you for your comments George and Rick.
  • Just be careful. We were hosting our videos on youtube and the AM asked us not to do it anymore because of liability issues.
  • I'm just now getting a feel for this Video world everyone is starting to talk about. I love the idea and look forward to reading your update as to how the Asset Manager reacted.
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