Realtors Beware!

Another scammer - REO PRO CORP is around the block. Watch out as you will be scammed! You can see the closeness in name to our revered name - REO PRO Default Professionals.

This scammer and fictitious company has been targeting realtors and assured them either through emails or phone calls that they have Fannie Mae listings, but the realtor should pay them upfront $400.00 (Four hundred dollars).  That will be the last you will hear from them if you fall for their scam and pay!

This fake company had been checked out with Fannie Mae by Poncie of and they are determined to be fake.

Realtors please be warned and beware of the like of REO PRO CORP as you will be duped by this scammer.

Good luck!

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  • They just called...she was a very good salesman and called herself an "asset manager".....she made it sound like she was interviewing me and that she had an asset she was ready to assign to me.....when I told her I would have to look up her company before paying $400 for access to their secure portal that is similar to or Equator she said she'd send me an email with information that would help verify them as an asset company...haven't gotten the email and don't expect to see it ever.  Thanks for posting this.  It is a scam whenever anyone tells you they need your money first before sending you a listing......

  • They just tried to get me too. Some guy called me and gave me the usual BS. I googled the company while I was on the phone and this thread came up. I was not going to fall for it anyway but it is nice to have this information available to new agents who are much easier targets. Shame on these companies for continually trying to scam money out of struggling agents!

  • Have anyone had any positive results with REO PRO CORP

  • Jenie - The only reason I stuck my nose in it as that I am sick of people spamming agents with some kind of get-rich-quick scheme or some deal to make life easier and quicker in this business. 99% are crooks.

    Just let agents get kicked off the BPOs for allowing you to have their vendor ID, and then you will - if you have not already - know what I am talking about. That's all I got to say.

    Bye now!

  • Jenie - I am not judging anyone. All I said was "be wary".

    Question - How can you upload data on to the forms without having the agent's login ID? When I was doing BPOs, we had to have a log in and every company I querried about what you are doing told me, if I gave my vendor ID to ANONE, I would be kicked off their system.

    Jenie - When one gets old, one can be brutal in their comments and statements, because at my age, we don't care. Tell us how you can fill out the BPO form without having the vendor ID?

    What I really think is you are just one of thousands with some kind of scheme to get your paws into RE agent's pocketbooks. When I sense that, I will comment and don't care whose feelings I hurt. So, the questions remains: How can you fill in the BPO form without having the agent's vendor ID?

    Besides, most companies today expressly forbid anyone other than the vendor doing ANYTHING on the BPO.

  • Agents- Be wary of this kind of stuff that Jenie is touting. If you must do BPOs never give your log in info to any one. When you get caught, you're toast.

  • I keep saying, "WHY THE DEVIL WOULD ANY OF YOU REALTORS PAY $400.00 TO GET BPO"S"  I have never paid for one and I do not want the crappy listings, I can get plenty of listings on my own that are good clean listings...

  • THANK YOU, cause they tried to get me last week.

  • Patti! Patti! U B my kind of RE agent.

    I preach and scream and holler on these forums and tell agents these BPOs and REOs and short sales are the pits and to get out and get some real listings or fill out the on line employment apps at Waaaalmart.

    Or just keep sending your money to the scammers and shut up whining about it.

    RE is tough and there ain't no shortcuts or easy ways to do it

  • It sounds like some preservation companies I know - inspect & bid for free with the hope of doing repair work that never materializes. 

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