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We all love and appreciate the testimonials and praise our asset managers give us. Below is one from a former Ocwen supervisor that I respected highly. OCWEN is still one of my best Clients and I still have the upmost respect for the company and all of their employees. I was distressed to see the YouTube Video on our front page portraying OCWEN in a negative manner. In my many years, 20 plus, of dealing in REO and now Short sales I could write a book on all the bad experiences with many, many asset management companies. I will say for OCWEN they have stepped up to the plate with me on numerous occasions and always have done the right thing whenever an error or problem was presented. I have high regard and respect for OCWEN and will continue until otherwise proven wrong and I do not think the front page of a great blog like REOPRO is a place to discredit any company regardless of the situation.

"Barbra your patience and unwavering commitment to excellence in providing superior service are unmatched by any other of the many agents with whom I have worked over the years. My demands and my expectations were probably unrealistic but not once did your mannerism, attitude or cordiality ever change. I admire your calm control, your tremendous knowledge of all the intricate rules and regulations of the Real Estate business. You are the best and I thank you for all you have done to assist me to sell all my REO properties in Georgia. I will never hesitate to recommend you to anyone who may want to sell or purchase real estate. I predict a highly successful career in the field of Real Estate for you. I have strong confidence in your ability to win every time. In my many years of working as an Asset Manager for Ocwen I have never met anyone as resourceful, supportive and caring as you.

Thank you and best wishes in all your endeavors.

Balasubramanian (Bala) Swaminathan

Manager REO Sales

Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC

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  • The video is very unprofessional, but there is a lot os truth to it, I had similar experience with OCWEN, part of the problem is that their gate keepers are in India and they don't care of the problem that we have in America, since they are dealing with a different set of issues there every day, they don't have neighbors loosing their homes, their own home is not depressiating every day.
    Theis system make the process more complicated and they are very difficult to work with when it comes to short sales.
    In the REO they are also difficult to deal with, I drop them after my first listing with them. I can go on and on about them, but they also have some good things going for them, they are usually give opportunity to agents who want to get in the REO business, they pay for their bpos, they give opportunity to new preservation comanies.etc.
    One of the things that we all need to be aware of is that times have change and now news can travel faster and farther, and almost anyone can have a tv show or a blog and come after all based on our performance. Marcy you are right, if any realtos does something to make someone mad they can really damage the agent's reputation. Imaging if all of the realtors who are envious of the REO power listers, the ones who never answer emails of phone calls, who never present "our" offers to the banks, etc, and start doing this type of videos and then they can get in the hands of asset managers, etc.
    We have to remember that we are all humans, and we are prom to make mistakes, sometimes we can make those mistakes if we think that what we are doing is the right thing to do. I don't dislike OCWEN or their employees, I dislike their system, and they business strategies.
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  • Marcy, thank you for your wise words. We are in tough times and burning bridges is most certainly not a good option for anyone especially now. It would not have not mattered to me who the video was directed at I just felt it to be in poor taste and poor judgement and I expect better from REOPRO.
  • Barbara,
    I agree that posting this video was rude. I have never worked for Ocwen, but it did make me uncomfortable to see the video without being able to hear the other side. This is a stressful for time for everyone working in real estate, banking and asset management. I have to believe that almost everyone is working as hard as possible to shovel through the mess we are in, and publicaly humiliating people or companies gives no benefit to anyone. Maybe we can't all just get along, but we can at least stop insulting each other in public. I have to think at some point in these realtors' careers they did something that made someone mad and would be horrified if it spread like wildfire over the internet. I hope the success of this video does not inspire more one sided bashing. I also very strongly believe that performing your fiduciary duty to your client, who ever that may be, does not include inciting backlash from your public statements.
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