Prepare Your Home For Winter!

Prepare Your Home For Winter!
Proper maintenance, planning and preparation is an important part of keeping any home market ready. Proper home maintenance is also key in reducing or eliminating more costly repairs. And above all else, preparing your home for winter helps keep your family safe. Listed below are some of the top home maintenance tips to prepare your home for the winter months.
1.) Clean out rain gutters and downspouts.
2.) Check your chimney flashing for leaks
3.) Check your chimney screen and cap.
4.) Have your fireplace and chimney professionally cleaned.
5.) Check the roof covering for damaged shingles.
6.) Check the soffits, eaves and fascia for damage due to rodents looking for a place to winter.
7.) Check the weather stripping and caulking at exterior doors and windows.
8.) Be sure tree limbs, shrubbery and vines are trimmed away from the roof and exterior walls.
9.) Have your heating system "tuned up" by a certified pro.
10.) Cover and insulate the exterior hose bibbs,
11.) Check exterior walls and weep holes for ants and other insect entry points.
12.) Replace all smoke alarm batteries.
13.) Replace the carbon monoxide detector batteries.
14.) Be sure that all exterior doors can be opened without a key from the interior.
15.) Prepare and practice a family escape plan including a meeting point outside in the event of an emergency. 
Following these winterization tips helps protect your family and one of your families largest investments. You will be thankful that you did. Happy Thanksgiving!
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