Newbies! Dont Give UP!!!

With all my respect to REO Veterans! I doubt that you started as an REO agent knowing everything, I am not applauding the agent that does not have a clue of " CASH FOR KEYS " means. I am sorry to inform you that I am a newbie, and my background is Loan Officer, I was already question by Mr. Marquez how did I get in... well!!!

I am a sales person, so my ability to originate business helps, I don’t wait for the business to come to me I go out there and get it, REO's is not the only way to be in the business, STOP waiting for the AM call, there are many investors out there getting your business they are tons of buyers, many pre-foreclosures. Don’t worry of what others do.

Get UP take your cell phone device in case your AM calls you and take business cards and get to work, go do door knock, sellers are waiting for you to get them into a short sale, why wait for lender to foreclose on the property. Do you know you can help them by doing a short sale and save their credit rating?

The difference with me PROUD newbie is I am eager to learn, other veterans agents know it all, and if Sunday Newspaper, Real Estate section reads 5000 SOLD homes I don’t have time to find out who was the top realtor selling or making money I want to be top Realtor and I want to Make Money.

HHEEELLLOOOO Get ahead! Get out there and work like a REALTOR or Broker whatever you are. I go out there and door knock twice a week, I hold open house EVERY WEEKEND and build a prospect buyer sheet, I’m too busy to care what others do. I am sorry I am a newbie but I love to Diversify. My hard job got me into the REO world. You become noticable when you work HARD. All my newbie fellows keep going to conventions, dont give up!

Proverbs 10

14 Wise people store up knowledge,
But the mouth of the foolish is near destruction.
The rich man’s wealth is his strong city;
The destruction of the poor is their poverty.
The labor of the righteous leads to life,
The wages of the wicked to sin.

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  • Well said, you make many good points, I usually say to my Agents Too much " ANALYSIS causes PARALYSIS" . couple of questions to All.- what courses/ certifications or affiliationsthat have made a great diference in your bussiness?. - who is a newbee? , someone that closes 30 transactions in 3 years , or someone that closes in 1 Year 30 transactions. ?. But I could tell you that I see lots of Experienced REO agents being newbees as ShortSale Agents in my area. All i could say there is Lots of bussiness for everyone. Good luck!
  • Excellent article Rosio
    Default Services are always looking for good hardworking agents - You are never too new to workout a shortsale or REO - BUT you must know what you're doing: go to the right training courses and be ready to invest in yourself!
    Prov. 16:3 Read it, Believe it and Succeed!
  • Rosio; thanks for the positive encouragement! There are many newbies of which I am one.
    Learning is not a sign of weakness but a sign of motivation! I for one appreciate professionals such as yourself and others on this site willing to share their knowledge and spirit with others.
  • As I had said in our conversation the other day and hopefully here that everyone else will see it... I can say that no one is too strong and successful that they cannnot learn form someone that is newer in the business. You brought some some good ways we need to get our business done. Thank you Rosio.
    "The Lord will exalt those who are humble and humble those that are exalted."...or words to that effect.
  • Thank you so much Billie, I love your attitude as well. And as I said with all my respect to VETERAN REO REALTORS! I LOVE to be a NEWBIE and I am very proud, I have been very blessed.
  • Rosio, there is NO doubt you will be successful. Please don't take offense to the "newbie" title, think of it this way, you are fresh with new ideas. Yes, there are some AM's that are locked up, but nothing is forever, people move, policies change, and you never know what may be around the corner. Attitude and hard work are 90% of the battle- wish you continued success!
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