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New Jersey has been facing one of the most challenging economies in its history. The housing market has been decreasing at such a rapid pace that one out of three homeowners owe more on their mortgage then their home is worth. Some parts of the country one out of every five homeowners are behind on their mortgage payments. You might be in a similar position that you need to sell but owe more on your home then its worth. You might have a ARM mortgage which is due to change and change your payment making it unaffordable. You do have options to avoid foreclosure in New Jersey.

I have been in real estate with Century21 Worden and Green since 2006. As i came into the business the market started to change. Home values started to decrease slowly while by 2008 prices began rapidly dropping. I have been dealing with foreclosure homes since 2006 and have closed hundreds of foreclosure properties and have educated homeowners regarding their options. As a New Jersey Short Sale Specialist I strive to help as many homeowners who need my service as possible.

Why Should I Short Sale My Home in New Jersey?

Doing a short sale in New Jersey could save your credit long term. A short sale is better for your credit then a foreclosure and has numerous other benefits. See the comparison of a SHORT SALE VS FORECLOSURE. and check out the Wall Street Journalarticle explaining why a short sale in New Jersey can be the right answer for you.

Why do I need a New Jersey Realtor to Short Sale My Home?

Most lenders will not consider a short sale in New Jersey unless your home has been on the MLS and is being marketed through a Realtor. A New Jersey short sale specialist can also help navigate the short sale process, letting you know what forms the lender will require for the sale. If you are eligible for the HAFA program in New Jersey, CLICK HEREto see if you might be eligible, you will be required to work with a Realtor.

How much does it cost to Short Sale my Home in New Jersey?

Absolutely NOTHING! My services are 100% completely FREE!!! I can refer you attorneys who will also provide service to you for FREE!!! Sound to good to be true? The lender will pay all commissions as well as legal fee. Contact mefor more details and for a FREE phone consultation.

The New Jersey Short Sale Process!

Step 1: Call me toll free (888) 445-8880 we will discuss your current situation and all your options. If it appears you have all the qualifications needed for a short sale in New Jersey there will be forms you need to fill out and documents you must provide before we begin marketing your home.

Step 2: Marketing, I will come to your home take pictures and begin aggressively marketing your home in order to get offers.

Step 3: Get an offer to be submitted to the lender. This part can be the most lengthy part of the transactionwaiting for an answer from the lender. However, recently this process has sped up.

Step 4: Approval and closing! We obtain approval from the lender and have all the legal fees and commissions paid by the lender. We also fight hard with the lender to to ensure you are forgiven of all past debt, and you have avoided foreclosure in NJ and can move on with the rest of your life.

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