Anybody having any problems getting paid by them? They always were slow pays, but this is ridiculous....they suppossibly have formed a special dept to fend off the irate emails and phone calls....anybody have any luck? Secured Lending is hooked up with them but I don't have a bit of problem with them, they're terrific. I was told by this other group that the higher ups look at the list each week and determine who gets paid !! I am super ticked. I want to remain a professional but it's becoming very difficult.....HELP!!

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  • Yes, normally they take at least 60 days to pay but I've had several lately that's way over 90 days. 

  • sorry, I had more time to look over the Blog, yes, I see alot of people are having a problem....didn't want to turn this into a Evaluation solution thing....: )))

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