My latest CFK Experience

On Monday I have to do a Cash for Keys with the tenant living in the house that has been assigned to me. This house was assigned to me last summer but my client was waiting for the foreclosure to be ratified by the court and for the deed to be recorded. Finally I have the green light to offer cash for keys to the tenant at the end of January, they told me to offer $500, the tenant ask for $2000 finally we negotiated to $1200.

My client sent me the check last week and made it to my company and the tenant, the date for the trasaction was schedule for Monday, the tenant wanted to get the check and then hire the moving company to get his things out. I told him that I wouldn't give him the check until the entire house was empty and clean, and that I would give him one more day to do that or the deal was off and he will face later eviction.

He moved all his things to a neighbors house that night and yesterday all day. I went there in the afternoon and he was moving the last of his belongings to his neighbor, after the house was empty I endorsed and gave him his check and the locksmith changed the lock, When I am driving home, about 50 minutes on rush hour, he call me and tell me that he is at a check cashing store and that they need my LLC articles and my driver license to cash his check.

I went home grab the LLC docs and drove back to the check cashing store inside and liquor store. I gave the documents and my driver license to the clerk and she went to her manager for approval. When she got back she made us sign another document and took pictures of both of us separate and together. The entire CFK lasted over 3 hours. with the driving and the time at the check cashing store, At the end when I was leaving the tenant ask me if I could buy him a bottle since he was so nice to move all his belongings in the middle of the night and because he didn't go to work to finish the move.

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  • Now we know why he lost the house anyway
  • LMAO now that is some comedy.....SMH there is nothing new under the sun in our business. Expect the unexpected is what I always tell my guys. But at the end of it all you got it done. Congrat!!!!  Now on to the next one ;-)



    P.S. what did you get him? lol

  • Shoul've asked for a copy of the photos to share with us! Would've LOVE to see that!!! LOL :)

  • The really funny part is when the bank sends you a 1099 because it made the check out to you!
  •  What a story! You have won the REO Realtor of the Year award.  PS The tenant should have offered YOU a bottle :)
  • Tank of Gas $60, Moving Out $800 and no bottle purchase for time= PRICELESS

  • Amazing how far we'd go to get the job done!!!!!!!!
  • LOL, now that is funny!


    So glad I don't have to deal with that kind of stuff with my HUD assignments!



    Dear God, what a REO Realtor has to do to get the job done.

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