Today's real estate market is ever changing. Here today and gone tomorrow. Unfortunately this applies to the homeowner AND the agent. I remember when I started in the business in 2004 with my CA Conditional License. I just knew I was going to be an immediate success and make a boatload of money just because I had the word "REALTOR" next to my name. Wow, was I in for a surprise!

Getting a listing was almost impossible because of the competition. Either you needed to be a veteran in the business, work on a successful team, work your tail off or get out there or do old fashion door knocking. Luckily for me I changed my approach and became a strategic buyer's agent. I used my knowledge of internet marketing to dive into the world of Craigslist, Backpage and Myspace. Building my online presence proved to be a great way to get into the door and grow my business.

We are now into 2010 and the game has changed tenfold. The homeowners of 2004 are now making the decision to either short sale or walk away from their investment. Yesterday's "premiere listing agent" is now having to be a counselor, an advocate for the bank and sometimes even a property management specialist.

With the Loan Exit Option before us, what are the tools of the trade that you will use to become "the expert" in your field in your local market? How will you lobby to get the new short sale business the banks are offering? How will you survive the new changes in the real estate market?

What's in your toolbox?

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  • I am very fortunate to have one of the top producing agents in my office.300k last year. No web page. Just a lot of hard work and a good niche market.going back to basics in this market is key.all her consentration has been on short salesfor the past 3 years.becouse of her volume she has great experience.she is still very coachable. This market market is a contact sport, sellers that have been hurtneed to know how sincere, profetionaland trust worthy you are.
  • Shawneequa thanks for the great blog…
    Last year I ran into the top agent in my market and asked him if he was just starting out today what he would do to generate new business. Now you have to understand that this guy sneezes and takes a listing. No kidding he averaged a listing a day last year. Yes part of his team does REOs yet all he personally works is spree of influence.
    In a top agent panel at our board of Realtors he said he’s on the phone from 7AM to late into the night 6 days a week. He does very high end and the ever low end. What he told me if he was just starting out he’d be knocking doors which his wife after over twenty years in the business still does regularly. One of the other top agent on the same panel said she knocked his door just days before this meeting. The key to it is no matter what method you use just do it consistently and know what to say or better yet know what questions to ask. I enjoy knocking doors and meeting people face to face… I do get Internet leads but nothing like looking in someone eyes and get to know them.
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