Just a heads up for everyone, Mark to Market has stopped paying for work that you have completed. I have BPO's that date back to July. That is over 150 days. I have tried to contact them, and the only person I have been able to contact has been rude, and they canceled my access to the web site. Made it sound like I was a bad person . Don't do work for M2M BECAUSE THEY DO NOT PAY!!!!

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  • I received payment today for 5 orders completed in October 2013.

  • And the people from NAR can't help you?, they have a "Legal Division" !!!

  • Hello Randy,

     I used to do BPO for Mark to Market and they cut me off once I receive all my payments. I did report them to BBB. My contact person at Mark to Market was Gary Tolbert. Good Luck

  • I had 2 BPOs also done for Finity Valuation a year ago, none was paid. Beware.

  • I just got paid for work done last June

  • I agree, they used to give me quite a bit of business but not in a couple of years.  I have only one order outstanding and it will be my last!

  • Gary, Shaun is the one I have been in touch with. He is the one that said "You will have your check when you get it" He also said it was mailed, 60 days later and I still don't have it. Stop doing their BPO's, you're not going to get paid. 

  • I was having the same issue.  This person said that a check " was in the mail" for past work.  I have not received it yet, but you may want to try contact.  Good luck!


    Shaun Ledman <shaun.ledman@msionline.com>

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