Keystone to merge with LRES

I just got a note yesterday that Keystone Asset Management will merge with LRES. It also appears they will begin to use the ResNet platform as well. I have had many good years with both companies. Longer with Keystone first in BPO's hen REO. Great people on both sides, for sure. You cannot have better AM's to be working with.

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  • Now that 2022 is near, I am considering paying (ugh) for a platform. I currently have Pyramid non-paid)which has proven to be very good (until the pandemic). I am thinking I may signup for Pyramid paid and another. I know activity is nothing for now, but that is going to change. What do you recommend? thanks
  • I just got my first Resnet assignment of the WHOLE year. It's LRES and will be a decent one IF it gets to be a listing.
    • Cecilia, I received an REO yesterday from RES NET - the first one in two years. MH - this will move fast as we are in Low Inventory. Happy Days. I have another on Dispo and had one from RES NET that fell apart on me. So two in the hopper now.
    • Hello Frank, did you get the BPO first on that one? I was just curious because I almost got a BPO for a foreclosure purpose on LRES(genesis), but I was a few minutes late so I lost it.
    • No, I was assigned the listing. Turns out that it should not have been sent to me in the first place. The client found that the foreclosure has issues that the seller did not know about. This happens on occasion so no big deal.
    • LRES assigns the property, has you check occupancy, etc. while it's in redemption. The BPO task comes later.
    • Thanks for the clarification.
  • Has anyone on this thread done BPO's for LRES? Do they have their own forms? thanks in advance
    • Debbie, I do LRES - GREAT is what they area. The form is very simple. Go for it.
    • Debbie, YES they have their own online form. Very easy to get through.
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