Keystone to merge with LRES

I just got a note yesterday that Keystone Asset Management will merge with LRES. It also appears they will begin to use the ResNet platform as well. I have had many good years with both companies. Longer with Keystone first in BPO's hen REO. Great people on both sides, for sure. You cannot have better AM's to be working with.

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  • Norman why the ad? All my clients do NOT accept 3rd party vendors doing the work. A scam for sure.
    • Please remove your advertisement. Our BPO clients do not permit 3rd parties to complete our BPOs or they will fire us. It is also dishonest. Our MLS does not permit us to give our login information to anyone or we will lose our license. You should improve your English language skills. I could tell it is not your first language.
    • Very nice.
  • Thanks for the update Cecilia on Keylink.
  • Frank, are you paying for the Pro membership? I've done short sales with ResNet in the past while representing the seller.
    • In ResNet, I am in what started out as the AMP. The paid side. This gives me a full view of everything I need to manage an REO. Just one REO pays the subscription over and over.
    • I'm considering paying for the Pro+ membership, but I'd like to wait until we see these foreclosure numbers go up. Thanks
    • I've been a 20 plus year Resnet member. Started when it was free. I deliberately let it expire this year and they eventually offered me a deal. 2 month discount or membership that expires 12 months from my next assignment. I took the 2nd one after not having a single assignment all year. Guess what? I got my first Resnet of the year this week. LOL.
    • Smart move. I made this suggestion to many. One REO listing pays for the membership for years out. My agent did this, she was in the free side then got a listing and changed to get better visibility of the task's assigned.
    • I opted out of the Res.Net auto-renew last year just to end up getting some Keylink (not Keystone) BPO assignments shortly afterward. I tried to sign up for the lower priced membership but had to sign up for the Pro just to do the BPOs. Keylink uses the BPOs for acquisition but they haven't acquired any of them so far. I haven't had a new REO assignment all year. So I opted out of auto-renew again and I got another Keylink BPO. Keylink now uses their own BPO website but I think they go back to Res.Net for listings.
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