I understand that you need to reach this goal of 25,000 members and there might be some lack of acting from some of us. I know my reason is because your not giving enough info out. You state it will benefit all of us, but how? Maybe if you would enlighten us we would take that extra step and make it more of a priority.

It would be nice for us to see the light at the end of the tunnel and if what you have brewing is worth it then i'm sure we can hit that number. I know, at the very least, we can all get 6 agents from our office to sign up but the question arises again,,,,,why?

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  • Why 25,000 ? Why not 35K after all ? Hope I can answer in my blog! LoooooooooooooK !
  • Jesse,

    I recall you stating last week that there would be a big announcement at the beginning of this week. We are now almost at the beginning of next week and no announcement yet.

    Not being skeptical, love REOPro. Just want the update that's all. Thanks.
  • Thank you Tinarsha! I must have been blind but now I can see the link :)
  • I love this site, it has helped me tremendously...not to mention the networking with agents not in my area sharing useful information! I invited 10 people today:-)

    Barbara, when you're on your home page of REoPro, read form left to right and Invite is the second option....
  • My question is different. How do you do that? Is there any link from the website to send the invitation? Did I miss something?
  • Hi George,

    I can understand that seeing the light at the end of the tunnel may spur you into action however, I am a little surprised that you don't see enough benefit in the site all together to invite default professional that you know to the site.

    So, why would anyone join REOPro?

    Blogs and Blog Archives, Forums and Forum Achives, Ask the AM Column and Archives ("Dear Abby syle regular column by our AM), Ask the REO Atty Column and Archives ("Dear Abby style regular column by our Atty), Ask the HUD Investigator (coming soon), A list of over 175 BPO / REO companies you can sign up with.
    A BPO Company Rating System (sponsored by The BPO Automation Group), Free agent / appraiser and inspector website solutions through our REOPro Store, A industry event calendar supported by our members.
    Specialty marketing groups supported by our members, Video and Picture sharing, Realtime chat
    Your unique member profile page with advanced search options by zip code, Reciprocal links for SEO optimization, Default School Discount (10%)

    WOW...all that and it's still not enough to just invite 6 people to join, regardeless of what is coming down the pike?
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