I need some advice please

I just received in the mail an acceptance letter from NRBA saying my application was approved and that all they needed was my annual payment. The funny thing is is that I did not apply to be a member. I would appreciate anyone giving me their honest opinion about this group!!!

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  • SCAM...is what comes to mind,  I got a similar one from WHOs Who,, yearly subscription fee for nothing.  I would google this NRBA, if legit what benefit would they be to you and would you get "lots" of business from being a member.....me thinks not...

  • I have been getting emails from them asking for REO agents to sign up. But, when I went to the application, it said we needed 3 references from REO companies to confirm we've been doing REO's for the last 3 years. They say do not fill out the application if this cannot be provided because they will call to verify. 

  • I thank you all who responded...great advice and I sincerely appreciated it.

  • I have been a member of many years. I remember Cece.  NRBA is a tool along with other items. NRBA will help you by providing a foot in the door.  What you do after you get the foot in the door is up to you. Every year the number of foreclosures I sell has gone up.  I have gained over the years market share and I believe NRBA gave me the information to do that.  Dues are not cheap but just get a few clients new each year and  it pays for itself. Since 2007 I have seen a total turnover in clients.   

  • I would steer clear. If you didnt initiate it, its likely a scam. 

  • Cece, that's something I forgot about. It seems that they were always threating to kick members out it they didn't tow the party line. You couldn't say anything negative about them for fear you'd get tossed. I remember right after I joined they kicked a guy out for posting a negative comment in the member forum about a client. I had just quit an assignment for the same client because they were as bad as the guy made them out to be. I think the member could have handled it better but I also thought the NRBA reaction was extreme.

  • Full disclosure - they kicked me out in 2007 WHILE I was AT the conference. I was already complaining about asset management companies either leaving early or not showing up at all.  And some other stuff.  Saved me a lot of money. 

  • I think they are hurting for members. I was a member for 9 years. I quit about 6 years ago. The last week I get daily emails inviting me to their conference. I also get emails to sign up for RIO Genesis and some new program called Later Life, both of which the guy that runs NRBA is involved in.

    When I first joined it was $1000 a year and they really helped me a lot. When the head guy started selling SellState franchises it started going down hill. I really felt that members that bought the franchises got preferential treatment. Also the monthly newsletters only came out once every 3-4 months. Their client database wasn't updated for over two years and then completely disappeared from the site. By the end it was $2000 a year and I felt they were doing nothing for me.

    After the mortgage crisis business changed quite a bit. My volume was way down. When I quit they called me and tried to talk me out of it. I told them my business is way down and I need to get new clients and they didn't even have the client database up anymore. I said I thought that $2000 a year would be better spent elsewhere.

    They told me they had an updated client database but weren't uploading it because the head guy was afraid several members were planning on quitting after they got it. They offered to email it to me if I didn't quit. Then I knew my decision to quit was right.

    My personal opinion is they are more about making money than the success of their members. The last few years there was always an upsell. Go to this conference, buy this software, join this program. Seems like the  more I spent the less I got.

    I quit in 2009. Maybe things have changed since then but I know they won't get anymore of my money.

  • They do not guarantee listings.  A lot of money for a one year membership.  They provide you with tools, not worth much in today's market.  Their yearly fee does not pay for their yearly workshop.  You could spend you money more wisely.  I belonged for years, why I stayed so long, I'm not sure.  Good Luck


  • I have no idea what the situation is today.   The private forum was very good but now we have reopro.ning.  I find this to be plenty.  I stopped going to REO conferences about 4 years ago because they stopped being helpful.  You might want to start this inquiry under Discussions because not many participate in the Blogs. 

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