I hate to break the bad news to the group. The BPO fairy does not exist. Yes, I know it is a shocker. My son turned nine this year. He informed me that he no longer belives in Santa Clause. Reality is the best policy as we continue to age in life. Well, I am here because I decided to go after the REO business in 2011. Many of my real estate peers are calling me crazy. That is when I know I am doing the right thing. I have always believed to go opposite of the herd mentality.


What is my next step? Well, I consulted with many successful REO agents in my local area. The informed me that I will need the following to be a successful REO agent


  • Be successful in doing BPOs(Broker Price Opinions)
  • Accessible 24/7 to asset manager
  • Money
  • Proven track record in distressed properties both in knowledge and sales
  • Technology
  • Sphere of influence
  • Network like crazy

My first step in climbing the REO mountain was to sign up to asset management/BPO companies. I developed a process to sign up as soon as possible. I needed the following information in PDF format:


  • Professional resume
  • Real estate license
  • Broker license
  • E&O insurance
  • W9
  • Zip code coverage

I was able to sign up with 48 companies in the first three days. I did this activity at the end of December of 2010. I was able to get approved by 11 companies in 72 hours. THE BPO FAIRY DOES NOT EXIST. The only way to get BPO business is to go after it. That has always been my motto. So, I was able to obtain 13 BPO orders from the same company that were due the following Monday by noon. How am I going to get it all done?


I signed up with Realty Pilot for BPO automation. I never used Realty Pilot before in my life. I went to work on completing the 13 BPOs that were assigned to me. First, I was able to complete all the photos in a two hour period. Second, I started obtain three solds and three sales for subject property to determine value. Finally, I entered all data into Realty Pilot. The BPO automation worked like a charm. I was able to transfer the data files from Realty Pilot to web site by using the macros offered by Realty Pilot. DONE DEAL WITH DELIA! I am on my way to conducting more BPOs. THANKS REALTY PILOT!




I look forward to your comments on this post. Here to serve


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  • I just signed on with Realty Pilot and it is driving me crazy. Macros do not transfer data. Spoke directly with tech support and they are "trying to get the bugs out." About to throw in the towel and go with another automation solution.
  • I have tried it for two . The first one I had tech online with me. It would not auto fill, and he said he filled it in? The second I did on my own, and it autofilled the 3 sold comps but not any of the actives, so needless to say I filled them in myself. The macros keeps running, but doesnt finish anything.  I had alot of work left over, not to mention I had to check every single field.  The video tutorals leave to much out for me. It appears that there are gaps in the info, if your having issues with getting the software to work. For some reason its not as easy as it should be. I would love for this to work, its a great price, and I could do so many more BPOs...
  • Lisa,

    I have not experienced any problems with Realty Pilot. Please tell me specifically what is not working with Realty Pilot. Break it down for me. Perhaps, I may be of some assistance.



  • Realty Pilot, Im still in the 30 day trial.. I'd love for it to work for me.. What part does work, I like..Hopefully I can get the bugs worked out.
  • Thanks for the continued comments on this post. I am sure there are other agents across America inspiring to accomplish the same goal. Keep Networking and doing BPOs.
  • Harry,


    Love your ambition. I have the same and as you am not scared to take a chance to make it happen. I am attempting to jump out into this game called REO agent also. I've signed up with several and paid alot of money to be apart of these "platforms" but nothing yet. Any advise. How do i find out who the asset managers or even better account execs. in my area are?

  • conduct away, just dont bother to sleep if you want to be at the top, your boss will tell you to get a life along with everyone else, plenty of haters out there that prefer the under the pillow technique, thats for the agents that sleep.

    good luck mr 13



  • Billie,


    We do live in America and the Land of Make Believe. However, I was taught to make things happen. Other people wish and I make it happen. Let me know when it rains $100 on any given day.

  • Wouldn't it be nice if she did exist and she had a best friend the REO Fairy, and a cousin the Money Fairy that would makre it rain $100 bills every Wednesday?
  • Denise,

    Any pioneering software will always have its drawbacks. I know it is frustrating since I implemented warehouse management systems when I was in Corporate America. I have been in your shoes. However, I would have to confirm that Realty Pilot will soon be the market leader when it comes to BPO automation software.


    Thanks for the comment

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