I guess it's the Boy Scout in me!

I wonder if there is anything close to being overly prepared? I carry with me nearly a complete office in my vehicle. Of course my laptop and hard copies of purchase and listing contracts as well as pens and notebooks. Additionally, I have my lawn chairs, tool box, signs and a cooler for drinks on the go. Non alcoholic beverages of course! There is still a little room to stash my gym bag in the eventful moment I may squeeze that stop in as well! Whew! No doubt I am forgetting something but I try to be prepared! I have business cards in my purse so......am I missing anything?
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  • Air Fresner.....now that is a good idea for REO homes (and any other). Thanks Terrence.
  • Another must - Clean Linen air freshner.
  • Yes Terrrence! I absolutely forgot about either of those! BTW I have seen some pretty dirty open house signs and often wondered why agents would advertise themselves that way. Subject matter for another blog!
  • WD-40 for squeeky doors on listings. Also, Pledge furniture polish for putting the bling back on weathered/dirty signs.
  • Hi Iris; Absolutely, thank you! I have a tape measure in my tool box which I call "Homer" and hand sanitizer is
    a staple in my car. Paper towels are a great thought because you just never know! I always get extra napkins
    from whatever drive thru I patronize so there is something available in an emergency. I guess you can never
    be toooooo prepared!
  • How about a tape measure, hand sanitizer and paper towels. . . )) The reason I mention these is that I have had a need for them recently.
  • Ahhh yes Carlos, thanks. My calculator is in my purse but I also forgot to mention a camera. I can't leave that in the car so I guess I will just have to remember it!
  • Financial calculator?
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