I have a couple of REO agents in my area that are doing a disservice to the bank or asset management firm that hired them. For example, they consistently list the wrong information on the MLS, including an incorrect combo code, and are painfully unresponsive to phone calls even when we are in negotiations with a buyer. I hesitate to bring this up because I don't want to sound like a whiner or a tattle tale; however, their performance is so unacceptable that it needs to be addressed with the bank. What are your thoughts regarding taking action with the banks and how do you do this without making yourself look bad?

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  • I agree with Steve, tread lightly. Reporting to your local board and associations is really the only recourse you have. Contacting another agent's client is a no no. Real estate 101. As frustrating as some agents can be, it is what it is, just like any business.......you might want to focus your energy on promoting yourself and getting the business by providing superior service. It's not always the agent with issues, sometimes it's the client and we have no control. I didn't say that outloud, did I? For the record, I always answer the phone, return phone calls/emails and do all the things I agreed to. It's my job and I love it and I'm greatful that I have it.
  • I understand and have been there myself, but it is no different then contacting any home seller to tell them their agents is a hack job. This problem has been around since there have been REO properties and I expect it will continue to happen for a long time. Until banks get smart enough to "shop" their listing agents, there will not be a change.
  • Thank you for the feedback. This goes way beyond only doing minimal things to get the home sold. I am talking about actions that hinder the sale, therefore, is detrimental to the seller!
  • If you are a member of NAR it would be a direct major ethic's violation to do so if you are not already working for that seller, and even then it is border line.

    Something many people on the other side may not understand, but that agent may be doing all he has been contracted to do for that seller. I use to complain about our local HUD listing agents .... until I found out that they were ONLY paid to put the property into the MLS, nothing else.

    No easy answer to this old question that has been around since the REO listing agent!
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