How to Clean a Green Pool ln 3 Easy Steps

Is your pool GREEN? Are you breeding mosquitoes? Do your neighbors hateyou? Even with an automatic pool robot, you may still find that yourpool gets out of balance after storms or during the hottest part ofseason.

Try these 3 steps to get your pool back to that inviting clearness, enticing you to dive on in.

Things You'll Need:
Chemicals: Shock, Algaecide, Clarifier, Chlorine.

Tools: Aquabot is nice, Broom, Vacuum A little dedicated time and energy

Step 1: Using the large net skim all debris from top of the pool and remove any debrisyou see at bottom of the pool. Backwash pool. Brush sides and bottom ofpool to remove algae growth.Run pool pump for 1 hour and then removeremaining debris and vacuum. If you have robot cleaner such as theaquabot pool cleaner, you will save a lot of manual labor on this step.It may take longer to brush than by hand. AT this point you can backwashif the pool is not visibly cleaner. Check your pump and if it shows inthe range of where it needs back washing then do so. Usually the gaugewill 10 when backwashing is needed. Continue running the pool pump.

Step 2: Clean pool = safer fun. Next shock pool. If algae has visible growth, use 2xthe amount of pool chemical you normally use. You should shock at leastonce a week during swim season and ideally once every 3-5 days.Make sureto distribute mostly in the deep end but you can also distribute aroundedges. If it settles into one place makes sure to brush it off and mixinto pool water so it doesn't damage surface.wait 1/2 - 2 hours forthings to settle and brush any areas that look bad. Keep the Filter(pool pump) running.

Step 3: If shock did not clean up the visible algae; then brush well, and add a goodalgaecide. Running the swimming pool pump for 12 hours. Run the robotguy around the pool again or vacuum by hand. Check gauges to see if youneed to backwash. If water is still looking filmy or cloudy addclarifier to remove the minute particles from the water. After theclarifier has had about 4 hours to work you can then backwash pool againto flush out the filter. The clarifier is going to help make your poolreally shimmer and look inviting.

Step 4: Now here is some extra. Check your water level and add water if you need to. Thentake sample of water to you nearest pool supply store and have ittested (usually free). They will recommend adjustments to restore PH andchlorine levels. Keep the pool balanced weekly and free of debris andshock at minimum once a week during swim season and you will have littletrouble with a sparkling
clean pool!

Tips & Warnings: If you cannot get pool back into shape after doing this once;then decide whether it is worth it to drain the pool and start over.Pools are recommended to be drained every 3 years. Sometimes it isnecessary. Do this for spring cleaning your pool and also before fall sothat the pool will be easier to maintain year round. You cannot vacuumand backwash too much. Just make sure to keep water
levels up asyou back wash.Instructions are for in ground pool. If you have aboveground pool you will need to check manufacturer instructions. Sandfilters need sand replaced every 3 years for maximum efficiency. At endof year run filter cleaner through system.

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