Over the past few years, REO supply has fluctuated almost constantly. The REO Brokers/agents and suppliers who work with agencies like HomeSteps, see this everyday and understand the seasonal and demographical reasons behind these fluctuations. These REO Brokers know how to adapt and change with the low supplies of inventory.


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  • Homesteps usually switches agents every 2 years; if you are sure you are registered and registered correctly with all up-to-date info, you just need to be patient.  I would make calls maybe every other month just to reach out and let them know you are still there.

  • Hi Rodney, I have been an experienced Broker for many years and sold lots of REO homes. I too signed up several times as well as with BLB. I see some of the agents who are listing homes for Homesteps and see they are very new to real estate, yet they have listings. I looked at the inventory of two agents here in the L.A. area who are selling Homestep homes and I have sold more homes in one month than they have ever sold according to their MLS inventory.   I just don't get it and I still do several BPO's a week and stay in contact with the REO managers I have worked for, who are now assigning and working BPOs.  

  • I have signed up with Homesteps at least 15 times and still no listings. How do i get my foot in the door?

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