Homes for Heroes

Homes for Heroes in Wisconsin!

Homes for Heroes is a national program dedicated to providing extraordinary savings to heroes who provide extraordinary services to our community each and every day, when they buy or sell a home.

HeroesInWisconsin.com_-300x222.jpg?width=300Who Qualifies?
-Active Military
-Healthcare Workers
-Law Enforcement

What are the savings?
Savings will depend on the sales price of the home. As an example, a $300,000 house would receive over $3,000 in credits and discounts from all the participating affiliates and vendors involved.

What does it cost me?
Nothing because it's FREE. There is no cost to you. All costs are covered by your local participating vendors.

Can I buy any home and in any area?
Yes. This is not a government program with limitations or restrictions. This is the private sector giving back simply as our way to say Thank You for all that you do every day.

Are there any other benefits or savings after my transaction is done?
Yes. Through the "Friends of Heroes" Network participating vendors will offer discounts on various other services such as moving, storage, pest, lawn care, plumbing, electrical, cleaning and remodeling to name a few.

Are there a lot of extra applications, forms or some future obligation?
None. The Homes for Heroes Promise is:
-No hidden fees 
-No red tape 
-No catch

How do I find out more?

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  • I saw their ad on Facebook and thought that it is a great company. However, after I spoke to one of their reps, It's turned out that they charge fees to become a participating agent. It seems like another scam where you have to pay $500 in order to receive "high quality leads". What a shame.

    P.S. I work in NJ

  • Thanks for sharing!
  • Interesting blog.  I have to assume that the "FREE" part is for the veterans.  I talked to "Homes For Heroes" last year, and it definately isn't free for Realtors.  25% of my commission goes back to the veteran.  I don't have a problem with that.  10% goes back to the organization.  I kinda understand that!  However, they do not advertise or really do anything in Virginia.  Excuse me!!!!!  With all the military bases we have in our state!  I would be basically on my own, and still give up 35%.

    I started my own program where I give a % of the buyer's side commission to the seller toward closing costs.  This shows up on the HUD-1, making it perfectly legal.  Since I am responsible for doing everything, especially advertising......Why pay the "Homes For Heros"? 

    The concept is excellant for the veteran & others on the list, I just didn't like the pay structure!

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