Hello All and Happy Holidays!

Has anyone else recently been contacted by Brandi with Home Trust Nation wanting you to prove to her (e-mails, phone calls, dates and times and who) that you were treated poorly or not been paid?? I've been paid by them, but it was a horrible to try to collect and it was after 4 to 5 months. 

AND to top it off, this was two years ago............ Even though it was two years ago, you never forget how people treat you, especially someone that you do work for, right?


****BTW, someone has been cutting and pasting the blogs in this forum and sending them to her via e-mail.****

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  • I have never done anything for them.
  • Hi Susan,
    I can't say I have any experience with Home Trust Nation however, that's not why I'm replying to your blog post. You mentioned that someone has been informing Brandi of the blog and forum discussions on this site. I have to admit, anytime you ever post anything on any social site, you should come to expect that the information you put out there will get back to whomever the post is about. This is especially true with our network as we now have so many members.
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