Helpful Sites for Building Your Brand.

I wanted to share with you these sites I found (read about) that could come in handy when building your website or brand. This allows you to check how your site stacks up against your opposition.  This gives you the ability to compare your site and gives you statistics such as; unique visitors, top search terms and referring sites.

When creating your website, back-links help your ranking with Google. An easy way to check which sites your web-site, or your competitions web-site, is linked to is by going to Yahoo. In the search bar type (url stands for the web address, for instance, Click on the tab at the top left that says Inlinks. This shows you all of the sites that are linked up (back-linked) with the site you are searching. The more quality back-links that are linked to your site, the better chances you have at a higher page ranking on Google. If you are checking your competition, this information is helpful because you may be able to contact the web-sites that are linked to them and get them to link to your site as well.

Of course we all know that apps are a big deal now. You have without a doubt heard the phrase, “there’s an app for that.” Now you can create a free app for your business by going to This is a plug and play web-site that walks you through a step by step process of creating your app and getting in published. Of course it has its limitations (it is free) but it could be a great way to help build your brand. If you are creating you app for IPhone, you will need an Apple Developers account, which will cost you $99/yr.

And of course, when building your site, you want to be able to track statistics such as traffic, bounce rate, content overview, etc. A good tool for this is by using Google Analytics,

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