Heads up for Chase REO's

We had a mandatory meeting today with the VP of Chase REO and he said they will be releasing 10,000 assets, nationwide, in the fourth quarter. He didn't have a break down of how much in specific areas. It will be through 10 servicing companies which they just cut down from 14. So keep on the lookout and good luck.
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  • Hey George Thanks for the info. That is very helpful stuff.
  • Silva, what is the "service release schedule" did the e-mail provide a timeline. Please share.
  • Does anyone know who the Chase Outsourcer is for Alabama
  • Thanks George!
  • Thanks George, that helps. NRT is in my area Ft Lauderdale but they don't have a sign up page. I've been doing a lot of BPO's for them through REMusa but haven't been able to sign up. If anyone has a contact they would like to share, even if it's just a phone# that is not an automated response. Please let me know.
  • Sorry for the delay. Here's the list that they gave us at the meeting. (I'm missing one because I cannot read my assistants hand writing. It looks like PMIT)

    Green River
    REO World
    New Vista
    Core Logic

    The following will no longer be getting Chase listings:
    Asset Link
  • Can you please share what servicing companies? Want to make sure I'm registered.
  • I do but it's in my office. I will post them Monday.
  • Do you have a list of AM's? My partner just got accepted for 4 of them because of his short sale work. They interviewed him over the phone, found out he was working REO through my listings and boom...accepted. Some of these companies have had closed panels for years.
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