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Has anyone ever received business from the Five Start Institute?  I was with them years ago and in REO redbook.  They are offering 99.00 per month for a one year contract.  They said they had a lot of new clients.  I just don't really believe it.  There aren't many REO properties right now.

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  • I was with them in the height of the downturn and I did get REO listings as a result of their service. Also, they are a wonderful resource, and they know the REO players which has helped me with REO FRAUD COMPANIES, as they know who is praying on us and even the history of these corrupt people. I am not using them now but I would in the future “IF” they have REO Servicers that will give listings again in Hawaii.
  • I have never gone to any of their conventions or symposiums. It is a waste of my money and I don't have time to take several days off. Most of my REO business is coming from REO Network or referrals. I get some business from RESNET.
  • Depends on your area. I was with them for 4 years, took all their courses and trainings, and never received a listing.
  • There are those that are free...why pay for them? In my 22 years of doing business the ones I had to pay for never came through with squat.
  • I joined them approx a few months ago and nothing yet. I don't think one gets business from them. It is more like a form of advertisement to market asset managers and banks for REO business.
  • Hello Brenda, you wrote this post back in December, 2019 . We are in different times now , short sales and foreclosures are coming back. I am considering the Five Star Force membership again
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