Ending the foreclosure crisis

I have written an extensive proposal on "how to end the foreclosure crisis". I have presented it to several political leaders, but none seem to take me serious because I am not represented by a powerful lobby or industry group. I honestly believe the proposal is a win for the banks, win for the government and certainly a win for homeowers. The thought has occurred to me that REOPRO may be the industry muscle I need to get some attention. The idea behind the proposal is that it does NOT have cost implications rather mostly procedural, but the long term results are outstanding for all parties involved. Sounds too good to be true, maybe but once you see it, I think you will agree with me. The proposal has national implications and would be something that could involve REOPRO members in their own areas across the country. I am an old school guy who never blogged, so can anyone help me to get this idea off the ground?
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  • Some members have indicated that they could not get my full message on the foreclosure issue from the blog. I would be happy to send it directly to anyone. Just email me directly to: warmstrong888@yahoo.com
  • I can't find the actual proposal, am I missing something? I've checked, double checked, triple checked.. I postings where you mention "the proposal", but what is the proposal?
  • I too, would like to hear this idea. Have you posted it anywhere?
  • well you've peaked my interest. I am interested in hearing your solution.
  • Willie what can we do to help you with your message?
  • You might want to join the REOPro Advisory Board Group.....just a thought.
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