Creative Evictions And The Wonders Of Tossing Tweakers!

Well now, isn't that an attention-grabbing headline!I've been doing this for just under two years and woo-hoo, it is definitely the most interesting and financially rewarding experience I have ever had.I say financially rewarding from the context of commission volume, not hours vs dollars.If I used the hourly model, I think I could do better handing shopping carts to people at WalMart or punching buttons on a cash register with pictures of fast food on it...As the weather deteriorates, (In California that means temps plummeting into the low 60's), I have found more and more of my properties becoming the preferred shelter for the denizens of our streets.Now, as much as I can sympathize with their plight, their using the properties I am assigned by my clients can be problematic.I need to keep the property secure, clean and safe enough for prospective buyers and their agents to enter.I don't know about any of you out there, but the municipalities where I work got really upset when I used pepper spray like Febrese so I'm hoping I can glean from the experts of REOPRO alternatives that are:1. Preferably less-than-lethal2. Non-lawsuit friendly3. Do not involve electric shock, (Don't taze me bro!)4. And of course, CARBON NEUTRAL!(The last one is optional)Seriously speaking, I notice that as Thanksgiving and Christmas approaches more and more of the property assignments still have the occupants in them. How do you deal with throwing little Timmy with the wooden leg and his family out into the snow during the season of giving?For me, it leaves an unpleasant aftertaste that is unavoidable while I am still able to breathe.Does anyone have some advise on how to de-personalize the process during the holidays?Maybe if I looked upon the occupants as only occupants, that would help.I await your wise replies.
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  • Wow. A kindred spirit!! I sure can relate to the dilemma. Bouncing people from the only place they have to live definately takes a special kind of finesse. For me, tweakers are a liitle easier, emotionally, than little Timmy. I could tell you stories for days about dealing with tweakers. The rest, do pull my heart strings, or I would be a monster. But I have found a way to compartmentalize the issue. I feel my first duty is to the bank and that means to get the occupant OUT in the LEAST amount of time, while costing the bank as little $$$ as possible. That is my job and that is what the bank is paying me to do. There is a part of me that really takes great pleasure in doing that job very, very well. The other is how I deal with that:

    I am very involved in a local program called 'Hands of Hope' ...

    Hands of Hope: Resources for Homeless Families is a locally chartered non-profit corporation formed to provide supportive services to homeless families with children in order to alleviate the conditions leading to chronic homelessness.
    Hands of Hope recognizes that homeless family groups with minor children often become homeless through job loss, medical crisis, or other catastrophic event that gradually overwhelms financial and emotional resources

    Hands of Hope believes that homeless
    families with minor children present the greatest potential for intervention and stabilization

    Hands of Hope is motivated by the charitable traditions of all world faith traditions, yet is independent of any specific religious group. We welcome all volunteers and referred families regardless of faith tradition, or lack of it.

    My involvement in this program makes me feel a little better about be so darned good at my job when my job requires getting people to leave the bank's property for as little $ in as little time as possible.

    Perhaps you can start a branch of 'Hands of Hope' in your area?
    Hands of Hope Yuba City Home
  • If you are in an area where the mls includes rentals, you may want to ask an associate to see if they'd like to work with you on locating rentals for the occupants. Your associate will make a little money from placing them and the occupants get help finding a place.
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