Craigslist Scam

If you are going to be using Craigslist, which I do like BTW, be very careful if your property is vacant. I had posted an earlier comment regarding people running a con game where they rent empty homes to unsuspecting consumers.It is very rampant on Craigslist...where I have heard any mention of foreclosure, REO, bank owned, could have a duplicate post "for rent" on the same property withing a short time. As an agent who uses Craigslist...I recommend running searches of your posts and addresses periodically to make sure you don't fall victim.
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  • Hey There Martin; Thanks for the wake-up call. Craig's List is a rogue blog that carries ads from anybody with no verification. I love the ad that says "come take my stuff ~ I don't want it anymore." Imagine coming home to your house after a hard day's work, and seeing all these strangers driving away with your prized possessions.

    Bud Herzog
  • How about just putting the different areas of town, make it very generic - argyle, 4/2 price call me.
    Something like that not even a picture. In my area Argyle is not a town, but an area and pretty big, hard for them to scam that, I would think.
  • My understanding is you need to flag it and report it to They have ways of tracking it and reporting it to the authorities. I have been putting "24 hour notice", "By appointment Only", and NO interior photos that would show vacancy. I really like CL and will continue using it...I think you just need to be careful.
  • Can it be tracked who is using your ad for rental? I always used CL but never seen this. Is it under RE section or Rental? Maybe I should go on CL site and check it out.
    Thank you so much for the heads up!!!
  • Its crazy...I just got an email from a thread that ran on linkedin and 3 out of the 28 respondents checked their listings on Craigslist and had "rental" ads running using the same description, same photos and the listing agents information...just a different contact not only do you need to worry about the property, but these people are representing themselves as the listing nuts is that!!!
  • This is seriously bad.....just no other way to say it, bad.
  • Very happy to live and work in the midwest...we don't see much of that activity. It helps when everyone watches out for neighbors...ohh and they all own guns!!!
  • Hi Martin. I have had this happen several times over the last couple years. It seems to be getting worse. Lucky for one would be renter; she saw my ad and called me. We saved her from sending these criminals a deposit.
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