Class Action Lawsuit Challenging Real Estate Fees

On April 25, 2022 Dan Margolies with KCUR 89.3 (NPR) said a federal lawsuit in Kansas City is challenging the real estate practice of having home sellers pay commissions to both brokers in a real estate transaction. Plaintiffs are alleging real estate brokers have conspired to force/require home sellers to pay buyer's agents, in violation of federal antitrust laws. To read more, visit:

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Jesse was originally licensed in September 2005. He started his career right as the real estate industry saw it’s worse collapse since the Great Depression. As a result, Jesse sought out opportunities to work directly with banks, focusing his career liquidating foreclosed homes. He worked with some of the country’s largest lenders, asset management companies and quasi government supported entities. This highly competitive field introduced Jesse to an intense time of development where he received top notch education direct from national policy makers, government entities, multi million dollar portfolio managers and many others. Jesse became very successful working with banks however, something seemed to be missing.

As a direct result of listing and selling foreclosed homes, Jesse found that his career could also turn into a passion. He believed he could naturally transition his business from selling foreclosed homes to helping homeowners avoid foreclosure all together. His experience and knowledge working with banks gave him invaluable insight on what homeowners could do to avoid foreclosure. More importantly his experience would give his clients an edge when working with their banks to prevent foreclosure, keep their home, or if necessary sale their home.

Jesse has built a career working with some of the hardest real estate transactions known. He has worked with homeowners who are facing seemingly insurmountable odds, negotiating with lenders who don’t see homeowners as nothing more than just a number. Where others would have thrown in the towel and given up, Jesse has persevered and proven to his clients he cares. He has managed millions of dollars in real estate at any one time and worked with over 30 different lenders and banks both directly and indirectly.

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  • Eventually the multitude of court cases (there is more than 1) which essentially is trying to claw back the Buy Side 2-3% on each real estate transaction that EVER happened, will win but not the pandora's box of opening all these past transactions will not happen. But going forward at some point in the next 2-3 years, Sellers will pay 3% commissions and buyers agent will be relegated to luxury and specialty markets. Agents who focus on listings will be the great benefactors as they will still get paid. There will be a massive outflux of real estate agents as the part timers, license parkers and speciality buyers agencies will never be able to get their buyers to pay them more than $1,000 in most markets. As such, diversifying your business is paramount.
  • As usual, as useless as NAR generally is, these lawsuits are ignorant jokes. It always makes me wonder if the attorneys have ever talked to any listing agents or sellers or buyers agents.
  • This suit is going to trial in February! This could very well blow the doors off of current system.
  • I was just in to see another article and saw this one. This is very interesting for sure. It raises a lot of questions and if successful this will change the industry for sure. Thank you for posting Jesse.
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