Class Action Lawsuit Challenging Real Estate Fees

On April 25, 2022 Dan Margolies with KCUR 89.3 (NPR) said a federal lawsuit in Kansas City is challenging the real estate practice of having home sellers pay commissions to both brokers in a real estate transaction. Plaintiffs are alleging real estate brokers have conspired to force/require home sellers to pay buyer's agents, in violation of federal antitrust laws. To read more, visit:

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Jesse Gonzalez is a highly accomplished and respected real estate professional with a wealth of experience in the industry. With a career over 15 years, Jesse has established himself as a leading real estate sales and marketing expert.

As a licensed real estate agent since 2005 and a broker since 2008, Jesse has a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of the market. In 2013, he founded his firm, Liberty House Realty, LLC demonstrating his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to delivering exceptional service to his clients.

Jesse's expertise extends beyond traditional real estate transactions. He obtained his Registered Appraisal Trainee in 2019, providing him with valuable insights into property valuation and market analysis. Although he decided to focus primarily on sales, his appraisal background gives him a unique advantage in understanding the intricacies of property values and trends.

With a dedication to excellence, Jesse consistently achieves outstanding results for his clients. Last year alone, he closed over $20 million in sales and received the prestigious Sapphire Award from his local association, recognizing his exceptional achievements in the industry.

Beyond his successful career in real estate, Jesse is passionate about education and personal growth. He is completing his undergraduate degree in Forensic Psychology, with plans to attend Law School in the fall of 2024. Jesse's ambition is to become a real estate litigator, focusing on real estate consumer protection law and advocating for the rights and interests of homebuyers and sellers.

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With a commitment to professionalism, integrity, and providing a personalized experience for his clients, Jesse Gonzalez is a trusted advisor and a driving force in the real estate industry. Whether assisting clients with buying or selling properties, he consistently goes above and beyond to exceed expectations and ensure successful outcomes.

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  • Eventually the multitude of court cases (there is more than 1) which essentially is trying to claw back the Buy Side 2-3% on each real estate transaction that EVER happened, will win but not the pandora's box of opening all these past transactions will not happen. But going forward at some point in the next 2-3 years, Sellers will pay 3% commissions and buyers agent will be relegated to luxury and specialty markets. Agents who focus on listings will be the great benefactors as they will still get paid. There will be a massive outflux of real estate agents as the part timers, license parkers and speciality buyers agencies will never be able to get their buyers to pay them more than $1,000 in most markets. As such, diversifying your business is paramount.
  • As usual, as useless as NAR generally is, these lawsuits are ignorant jokes. It always makes me wonder if the attorneys have ever talked to any listing agents or sellers or buyers agents.
  • This suit is going to trial in February! This could very well blow the doors off of current system.
  • I was just in to see another article and saw this one. This is very interesting for sure. It raises a lot of questions and if successful this will change the industry for sure. Thank you for posting Jesse.
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