I am helping out on a short sale in Redwood City where Chase is servicing the first and second loan. What this means is that the owner has first and second mortgages that were originally gotten from Chase. These loans were then sold to investors and Chase maintained the servicing. This means that ultimately Chase no longer makes the decision about whether or not to approve a short sale. The problem is there is also a third lender, and the third lender wants a lot of money to approve the short sale. The buyer agreed to pay the third what he wants, but the investor for Chase's first loan said no way. I guess from that investor's perspective if they foreclose they do not have to pay off the second or third and they get to keep all the money. Maybe they will make more if they foreclose. 

But maybe they won't. And in any case foreclosures are complicated and costly, and we have a ready willing and able buyer. Chase seems to have tried to convince the investor to take the offer. The Short Sale Department at Chase has even told us to submit another offer in an attempt to change the investor's mind.

I do not know if the new offer will make any difference, but I am immensely impressed with Chase's efforts on our behalf. I obviously am not privy to all of the number crunching as to who gets what if there is a short sale vs a foreclosure, but I do know at least Chase is really trying to help the borrower avoid foreclosure. That makes me feel pretty warm and fuzzy about them today.

If you have any questions about short sales in San Mateo or Santa Clara County please feel free to contact me.

Marcy Moyer

Keller Williams Realty




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