Can we be thankful in these economic times of inflation, bankruptcy, foreclosures, and unemployment. Some of today's headlines read “Homes in Default Hit Historic Records”, “The Real Estate Dooms Day Scenario”, “Home Value Loss....Greater than The Great Depression”. It's hard to be thankful, when commissions are cut, more Realtors getting into the industry, more guidelines and rules to follow. Can we be thankful in this business? The answer is yes. We in the default industry are a people that are united in helping people. We help the homeowners stay in their homes, or help them sell their property pre-forclosure, we help the banks liquidate their assets. We can be thankful because we are needed. We can be thankful because this economy has made us stronger, surviving in these times has given us the experience, creativity and toughness to know that we can face anything the future holds. We are blessed with supportive family, and friends. We can be thankful because we give and keep on giving, and that brings us more prosperity, if not now, soon. During these times, keep a positive attitude, keep looking up and be thankful.

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