Can I Get a Waiver Please???

Just got off the phone with one of my REOPRO buddies. This site is such a great resource-(but that's another blog). We were discussing recent REO training we have both been "strong armed" into taking. Look, I am all for learning new information, and I don't believe I know it all. It started me thinking, in some States you can get a waiver from taking the Real Estate Broker Exam, if you have adequate education, experience etc. In the past 30 days I received 2 new REO certifications, In my opinion if an agent took this same training believing that when they finished they would know anything about actually listing an REO, they would be mistaken. One focused on BPO's- ok, yes we need to know how to do them, but I was a licensed Appraiser for 10 years, so can I get a waiver? The second certification focused on "Marketing the REO listing" If DOM (days on market) in my area is less than 30 days, with multiple offers on REO's I don't really believe this is an issue.I have been a Broker for 18 years, think I know how to do an open house- can I get a waiver please??
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  • I agree - I have 40 years in all phases of real estate - I should have a waiver as well! I guess experience doesn't count anymore.
  • Its all about supply and demand right? We all keep paying so why wouldn't they keep charging?
  • Billie,

    You're most likely right, even if you test out, you still have to pay for the
  • You're right Billie, they'd still want the money for a certification that isn't worth the paper it's written on.
  • Marqueze- you nailed it, it's all about the $$$, and even if they would let you "test out" as Jessie suggested, they'd probably still want the $.
  • I should be abel to "test out"
  • With that said...I think that you do need a waiver. Geez you have a lot of experience.....But some of the people despite your experience still want your money. That's what this all is about. Money...But you have a heap of experience so someone needs to close their eyes and give you that waiver. :)
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