, a First Valuation Company

Did 2 rush BPO's for this Company in the most dangerous area in South Florida and haven't been paid.  It's been almost a year for the first BPO and it's been  8 months for the other. Anyone else have that problem with this Company (, a First Valuation Company)?? They keep blaming it on accounting.  Anyone have any suggestions other than not doing anymore BPO'S for them (which I did stop after 2nd BPO)??

Thank You for your input,

Kevin Novack

First National Realty Services

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  • I let them know several times about not being paid (owed 20 bpos) and they still are calling and emailing about helping them out with some bpos.  I finally got a response from account but the response didn't give me any confidence that I was going to be paid.  This is what I got 

    """""We have scheduled a portion of your account for our next available date, 5/27/16. Please bear in mind that this is a scheduled date and if for any reason we fall behind in our scheduled payments this date might be pushed back some, but you are indeed scheduled and will be sent out as soon as possible."""""

    Does that sound like I will be paid anytime soon????  This just leaves it open for sometime in the future...maybe

  • It's funny you mention that.  I was going to complain to the BBB.  However, as I went through my list of paid versus unpaid, I noticed they picked through the last six months and actually had 2 from each month on there so I can't say they are not paying me.  They still owe me a lot, I've seen 3 checks that only account for 1/5 of the money they owe me but they are paying me slowly and agaonizingly.  

    I do believe the Fraud link on the attorney general page is the way to go for agents who still have not been paid anything.  If we all keep pestering Sarah, the BBC and the attorney General something will have to give way.  I wish my other accounts had their work

  • Here's a great laugh, just got a call from them to do a rush BPO!! Told Vicky about not paying a tremendous amount agents throughout the country and of course mentioned my overdue payment and her response was "I can"t comment".  Told her to have a great weekend and next week I'll get around to BBB and Attorney General. I want to remind everyone that some Banks are using tarp money to pay for these BPO's, so essentially they are messing with Government funds. I beg everyone to get on their case, who has an issue with them.  This type of behavior needs to be eliminated from our industry.  Thank You everyone.

  • Yes, I too got paid a small payment towards my work and have been promised an every two week check in the same amount to catch up. Ughhh frustrating but at least working.  The trick is making yourself valuable and staying on them like they stay on you!  Good luck!

  • I've got good news! Finally got paid for 7 BPOs and one more to go.  After sending emails to their executives with no response and 3 broken promises I finally gave Sarah a deadline of April 2 and if I don't receive the check, I will file a complaint with the BBB and the Attorney General's office.  I was so mad when April 2 came and no check.  Sent Sarah an email on April 2, Saturday and told her that they need to pay me all 8 completed unpaid BPOs and copied their executives again.  At the same time, I filed a complaint with BBB and the FBI.  I no longer care if I get paid or not.  I want them closed down for good.  The following Monday, I received an email from Sarah with the check # and that it is in the mail.  Yesterday, April 7, I got the check for 7 completed BPOs.  I hate going this route just to get paid.  Never again will I ever do a BPO with them.  I suggest that we all file a complaint with the FBI (see link below provided by Kevin Novack) and get them closed forever.

  • They have been finding new agents to not pay for over 5 years. I quit them more than 5 years ago.

    The only thing that usually happens with a class action suit is that they file for bankruptcy and the only ones who get paid are the attorneys. That's what happened with Evalsolutions. Turns out that a bank like Chase or one of the big 5 owed them over a million and a half dollars. Voila - no more payments to agents - ever.

  • There is a class action law suit pending.

  • File a complaint with the BBB . That's what I did to get paid. I had to file 2 complaints but eventurally I got paid.

  • Can we do a Class action suit against ?

  • I did over 6 jobs for in New York in Queens, and Brooklyn I  were never paid, when I call they transfer you to Sarah accounts payable voice mail; no one is calling you back.  Please if there is something we can come together and do please let me know thank you.


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