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I hope this doesn't start a flurry of agreements or disagreements about this topic. I want to know who might be using BPO automation, what you are using and why you like it. I'm looking at several options. I also would like to know if anyone is running a team for BPO's and what your structure is. Also, my partner brought this up, do you have any security concerns about passwords & logins with the auto accept and automation software out there. I would appreciate any input you have and if you don't want to post publicly, please feel free to email me your response. Thanks for your valued opinions!
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  • Hi Susan,

    I am working with meridian and wanted to get some feedback before I take on an REO.  Would you mind emailing me and notes?  normanortega@yahoo.com 


    thank you!

  • Hi Susan,

    Were you able to look into any of the companies that were mentioned?  I think I'm going to do more research it would be a great way to start a very efficient process of completing BPO's and at the same time making more money in a shorter time frame.  Not to bad I got to say!!  I think I will look into Nicole Oceans product.  I first got into the business by following her advise and signing up with the companies she had provided. Also doing other research.  I don't think we can go wrong with her.  Have a nice day Susan:)

  • Most of the BPO companies from what I understand are not in favor of the automation software because of security issues. If they find someone they are removing their accounts. That is what I have heard yet I have not seen that happen. Ever BPO assignment that has come my way via email is taken before I am able to log on to take the assignment. That started about a year ago. I wonder what would happen if we all used them besides the software companies great profit.
  • I use BPO 5000 check this out www.turbobpos.com There is no auto accept, which is fine by me since I am on auto delivery with most of my vendors. I feel the true benefit is that once you have identified your comps the software downloads the data from the MLS right into a custom excel report then to the BPO vendor reports saving tons of data entry time/reduces errors in data entry. I cross check everything but using only the basic features (the data download) it reduces about 30-40 minutes of typing and improves accuracy - which I LOVE. I have really HIGH quality scores with all of my BPO vendors and average about 30 per week and it only cost $49.00 a month or about $400 for a full license. Can't go wrong for the price. feel free to call me to discuss further 781-983-4852
  • Inquiring minds want to know....keep this discussion going.

    Did you listen to today's REOMasters Coach-a-thon - Nicole Ocean system?

    Keep me posted.

    Denise Stovall
    Sonoma County
    Northern California
  • Susan:

    You must have been reading my mind........lol

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