BOA assignment

I got a BOA assignment. The property in question was an investment property and vacant so I called the HO and asked if he had recieved documents from BOA. He said yes, and we agreed to meet in the parking lot of a Mega Walmart Store. He drove up in a beautiful BMW Convertible and handed me the papers. Just before I got excited that I might make $115 on this assingment, I saw that the papers were DEED in Lieu. Those weren't the papers the assignment asked for and he told me a law firm was handling it. I called my regional and he told me not to send those. You can only send exactly what the assignment is specifying. So I sighed as the $115 blew away like the wind. I went to the vacant property one day. Met up with HO the next day, and got $0.
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  • Betty, it depends on which division. BoA has many different divisions and they all work independently. Usually with BoA it takes a direct referral from someone they are doing business with, when they request the referral. That's how I got in the door with BoA, a referral from another bank officer who I was already working for.
  • stephanie..who does one become a preferred realtor on boa? i have searched the site..where would i find the link.thanls
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