Bend Sales Continue Improvement Trend

Our market remains dynamic!

A quick summary:

Our market continues on a very long, slow but steady improvement trend. By many measures this improvement trend began in 2009/2010.  See list to sold ratio charts, inventory charts, sales price charts etc.

As usual, the media is slow to recognize subtle changes and is just beginning to pick up on the accumulated improvement, adding positive influence to the difficult to measure but ever important perception factor.

Many sources quote Median sale price and/or average sale price. View the tables to see how these values can paint a different picture of the market.

See charts and tables to see trends and more specific results.,ORTrends.html


Other facts and thoughts:

List to Sold Ratios indicate future inventory increases far less than typical seasonal shifts.  List to Sold Reports will be generated in a few days. See links below for most recent list to sold reports

Percent sale price of current and original list are at their highest levels since 2006.

We aren’t out of the woods yet though as many 2 year old mortgages are underwater, lead by low down payment loans such as FHA. We of course have high unemployment, low paying jobs and high poverty levels right here in Central Oregon.

On the brighter side, folks love it here and continue to be attracted to the area; many retired or semi-retired. Additionally, perceptions about Central Oregon Real Estate prices have vastly improved. We all know perceptions can make a huge difference!

See charts and tables to see trends and more specific results:,ORTrends.html


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