Are you a TWIT?

Ok, I understand the importance of networking and a presence on the net via social networking sites, blogs and google ranking. I truly do not understand the twitter/tweet thing. Do I need to let everyone know my every move? Do I have time to do so? Do I want my blackberry phone to turn crackberry with all the tweets I could recieve if I am truly connected? Do I want to become a tweet freak or a twit? Does anyone really care what I am doing? Would posting a listing benefit the seller, buyer or the agent? Has anyone begun or closed a transaction after a tweet? Please, someone, tell me the advantage of twittering. Or am I a twit for not being in the tweet loop?
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  • Very Helpful Ines! Thank you!
  • Hello Linda, My experience with Twitter and REO agents is that they use the post as an update to their REO listing activity. It allows other agents to follow progress on a listing and listing agents that are very busy with their REO inventory to post to anyone to whom that information may concern. In essence it is a broadcast system. Twitter can also be used to share links to valuable content information, articles, or news feeds from other sites with those folks that are following you. It is a way to brand yourself. There is an etiquette and ways to best leverage your twitter usage and it may be a good idea for you to read a Twitter book for business. Hope this information is helpful. Best, Ines Eiras Pru Cal Realty San Francisco East Bay Area Distressed Property Real Estate Agent
  • I'm with you Albert; I am good at LinkedIn, FB and these types of formats but haven't done the twitter tweeting as of yet. I guess I will have to try it too!
  • Wow, I have to admit I didnt' think to much of the Twitting Phenom either until reading thru this blog. I'm on linkedin (which I don't believe has an app for my BB), and try to stay abreast of many things other realtors are doing and are blogging about. I'm also on facebook which BB does have app for but I've primarily just used that to stay informed with some of my clients day to day concerns or activities. Well I guess, I'll try to follow Dan's advise and turn into a twit-not sure if feeling the sound of that, yet. Either way great post and discussion
  • Thanks Denise; I may have to jump ship too from my BB and get with it!
  • Linda,

    Very powerful. Thanks for this information provided by your Blog. Excellent topic. Dan's response is perfect.

    IPhone users are big in our office and it is incredible what can be done with just a touch. I am currently a Blackberry user and I am very jealous of these IPhone agents I may jump ship...maybe...currently my preferred method of Social Networking is on my BB. It is fast, easy and alot of quality information can be shared.

    Our office "tweets" all our Listings, Open Houses, everything they can.

    I am not a hardcore user...yet...It is a amazing tool.

    Keep me posted.

    Denise Stovall
    Sonoma County
    Northern California
  • Wow thanks Dan I will follow your advice!
  • Linda,

    I have a couple of suggestions to help you really ramp up quickly with little effort:

    1. Watch this video series:

    2. Go start following people that write about your topic of interest (REO, BPO, asset management, real estate, etc).

    3. Get an application for your smartphone (hopefully it has a built in camera so you can post a quick tweet with a photo from your phone giving your followers a full experience).

    4. Get an RSS feed that will automatically post tweets to your account so when you're very busy it's still posting and drawing attention for you.

    I hope this helps.


    Dan Waterman
  • Thanks Jesse; that makes a lot more sense. I agree; I don't want to get blasted with non essential info from people or celebrities. I would however, be interested in breaking news that coudl effect business. I would also be willing to tweet with clients if that made keeping up with each other during a transaction easier.
  • Hey Linda:

    I used twitter to broadcast the Citi Bank Lending application I came across way before I ever posted it on REOPro. So, if you are following me, on twitter, you get valuable information way before anyone does here on REOPro. So, for all 189 people who follow me on twitter, they would say, Jesse gave us some stuff that helped us out, granted I did broadcast it on REOPro later.

    I will also tell you that twittering is only good if you are following the right people. I only follow 4 people and I am not telling who they are here because I see it as a bit of a "state secret" (insert evil socialist laugh here).

    Now, many people follow me, like 189 or something but, I don't tweet everything I do. For example, you won't see tweets from me that say, "I am heading to the toilet", "I am washing my hands", "Please call 911, I am in trouble"....I just don't do those.

    For me twitter is like my emergency broadcasting system. I see it as my own private little "amber alert" if you will. If I happen across some great information and i don't have time to blog it, or announce it via REOPro, i can from my phone, very quickly and it works.

    I guess it's all about who you follow and how often you tweet yourself. I know some people who tweet everything and those people, i just don't follow. I don't need to know you got a Jumbo Mocha Moolate Double Shot Expresso Grande from your local over priced coffee house. That is why I only follow 4 people.
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