Hello Friends,

I have been working for certain valuations company for quite a while.

They have been good to work with. Their format is straightforward, form is easy, no crazy questions you cant answer intelligently...

I got a request to do a slew of vacant land and lot valuations. There was no form, so they sent me a spreadsheet to fill out. No problem.

Some of these were side by side lots in the same subdivision. Hooray, you just copy one to the other, and then change the photos. A true 7 MINUTE BPO!

All along, I knew the client was the FDIC. I asked, will my name be on the report. Always the answer: YES!!!

Then, they asked me to do another lot in a subdivision I had dont before. I asked them to send me the report I had done earlier, which they kindly did. The ACTUAL REPORT that wend to the client.

Guess what it had for broker...AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST

Now I ask you, who is going to request that ever???

No one. Can you imagine? "Hey, we need an agent quick, call up xyz and see who did this report!" Right, and magic corn makes reindeer fly...

I wont disparage the company...I wont even say who it was. They have their reasons for doing what they do. And its their business--they are obviously free to run it like they want.

But I do take exception to the common practice among BPO companies of getting brokers to work cheap by offering "your name and number are on every report."

I wonder how many other companies do the same thing.


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