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So Fridays are usually my day off. I was going to go play golf and get my mind off of business for a day. But I get to Flyers handed to me.First flyer is to attend the Womens Council of Realtors (southwest Los angeles Chapter) for $25.00They are having their month business builder meeting "Navigating through the REO maze" with special guest Mike Riley and guest speaker Marie chung in Marina del Rey.The second flyer was to attend Lion Gate FN class on free traing "How to become an REO Listing Agent" in Pasadena.Which one should I attend or should I play 18 holes and have some fun on the 19th hole?Any feedback people?Mark Anthony Ruiz
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  • I thought Lions Gate was nothing I didn't already know. I di learn a few things but nothing that would immediately improve my business. A Business Builder meeting is always good for the networking opportunities, but I wuold have to go golfing (were I a golfer!) The relaxation time is important.
  • How's Lions Gate FN training? Just kinda perused the website..nothing special popping out. Am I missing out on anything from Lions gateFN?
  • I agree with is the answer to that question. Knowing all I know, no one is going to hold a 1 day seminar and teach you how to become a REO Agent. It just doesn't work that way.
  • Play your 18 holes and relax on the 19th!
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